Sex Doll Masturbator Torso M 3.4k

CHF 82.00 CHF 106.00 -23% OFF
Sex Doll Masturbator Torso M 3.4k Bondivibes

Sex Doll Masturbator Torso M 3.4k

CHF 82.00 CHF 106.00 -23% OFF
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Sex Doll Masturbator Torso M 3.4k

CHF 82.00 CHF 106.00 -23% OFF

Experience Unforgettable Pleasure with Doll Masturbators at BondiVibes

Are you ready to elevate your pleasure to new heights? Look no further! At BondiVibes, we bring you a wide range of sex machines and doll masturbators designed to fulfil your deepest desires. Whether you prefer standard missionary, cowgirl, doggy style, or more, our half-torso masturbator can be positioned for all your needs. Let your imagination run wild as you indulge in unforgettable experiences.

Unleash Realistic Sensations: Thrust and Feel the Jiggle

Watch her boobies jiggle as you thrust. Our doll masturbator moves and feels just like the real thing. Made from high-quality TPE material, it provides a lifelike sensation. Experience the pleasure of sliding between her breasts, entering her vagina, or indulging in anal play. Take your pleasure to new heights by bringing her into the bath for an exciting and immersive experience.

Key Features of Doll Masturbator:

  • Half torso masturbator for realistic experiences
  • Discreet plain packaging for privacy
  • Waterproof design
  • Slender pussy canal for heightened pleasure
  • Colour: Flesh

Key Specifications of Doll Masturbator:

  • Made from safe-to-use TPE material
  • Dimension: 40cm x 21cm x 18cm (L x W x H)
  • Weight: 3.4kg

Flexibility and Safety: Enjoy Every Position with Peace of Mind

Our doll masturbator is fully flexible, allowing you to position her in various ways. Whether you want to bend her over, or straddle, she can accommodate your desires. With a steel backbone and safe-to-use features, you can enjoy your playtime with peace of mind. Treat her well, and she will treat you well in return, ensuring an explosive orgasmic experience.

Easy Maintenance: Adult Cleaning Regime

Proper hygiene is essential when it comes to adult toys. Always remember to clean your doll masturbator after use -rubbing alcohol, cool water and gentle cleaners, if needed, to maintain its cleanliness. To keep the material soft and smooth, a light dusting of baby powder is recommended. Take care of your doll masturbator, and she will continue to fulfil your desires for a long time.

Key Features of our Doll Masturbator:

  • Half-torso masturbator with a realistic appearance
  • Steel backbone for flexibility and stability
  • Waterproof design for thrilling water experiences
  • Discreet plain packaging for privacy

Explore the World of Doll Masturbators at BondiVibes

Ready to experience unforgettable pleasure? Explore our range of doll masturbators. Buy now and indulge in the ultimate pleasure experience with our half-torso doll masturbator. Enjoy discreet packaging, safe-to-use features, and the freedom to fulfil your deepest desires. Elevate your pleasure to new heights with BondiVibes!

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