Panzar PRO-SERIES Remote Automatic Sex Machine

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Accessory pack includes: quicklock connector (for quicklock attachments), quicklock to XLR adapter (use XLR attachments), remote control, power pack


  • 1 X Remote Control Black PANZA Fuck Machine
  • 1 X Accessories Pack


  • 1 X Remote Control Black PANZA Fuck Machine
  • 1 X Accessories Pack
  • 1 X Reptile Silicone Dildo
  • 1 X HellFire Silicone Dildo
  • 1 x 10" Lifelike Dildo


  • 1 X Remote Control Black PANZA Fuck Machine
  • 1 X Accessories Pack
  • 1 X Reptile Silicone Dildo
  • 1 X HellFire Silicone Dildo
  • 1 x 10" Lifelike Dildo
  • 1 x Masturbation Cup


Introducing the Automatic Sex Machine, one of the newest and most innovative QUICKLOCK sex machines on the market!

With its sleek and stylish design, the Butterfly is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality fuck machine. Plus, it comes with a remote control for extra pleasure. This machine has a variable stroke length which allows you set the the depth of the stroke from 0-10cm and is sure to give you the ride of your life.

Get ready to fly high with this sex machine.


  • Smooth Performance: The 120w motor ensures that the machine operates smoothly, providing consistent and reliable performance and no risk of being underpowered.
  • Effortless Operation: The RF remote control adds a layer of convenience, allowing users to operate the machine effortlessly from a distance.
  • Easy Integration: With its compact size: 39 x 18cm:, this machine easily fits into different spaces, making it a practical choice for the bedroom or lounge
  • Peaceful Environment: The low sound level of 30DB creates an almost silent operation.  Reducing noise disturbances and ensuring a comfortable atmosphere allows no distractions or nosey neighbours
  • Insertion Stroke length: 3-10cm:
  • Customisable Operation: The adjustable insertion stroke length of  3-10cm offers the flexibility to customise the machine's operation penetration based on your desire to go deep. 


Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Fast shipping, great quality. No complaints.
— Jason
Customer reviews
Omg! The Orgasms!!!!!! Thank you so much! 10/10 would highly recommend!!!!! Holy cow!!!
— Jessica


Are all sex machines the same?

Bondivibes MKII sex machine produced in Australia, is the
leading entry-level machine. In key head-to-head comparisons vs HiSmith the MKII displayed superior stability and thrusting power

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