Male Sex Doll Masturbator (M) Half Torso

CHF 106.00
Male Sex Doll Masturbator (M) Half Torso Bondivibes

Male Sex Doll Masturbator (M) Half Torso

CHF 106.00
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Male Sex Doll Masturbator (M) Half Torso

CHF 106.00


Are you ready to embark on an extraordinary journey of pleasure and companionship? Looking to venture and experience sex dolls, however not ready to invest in a full life-like companion?

Look no further! At BondiVibes, we bring you a new collection of sex dolls - male sex doll masturbator and female sex dolls,  designed to fulfil those sexual urges. 

Experience Realism Like Never Before with a male sex doll masturbator:

Capturing the essence of the male form in all its glory this male sex doll masturbator exudes realism. The premium-quality TPE material used ensure a skin-like texture that feels incredibly lifelike to the touch. Explore the the realistic life-like size and veined dildo with extra ridges for heightened stimulation for vaginal and anal entry.

Ready to experience the ultimate pleasure and companionship? Order your lifelike half-torso male sex doll masturbator today and unleash your desires with BondiVibes.

Visit and explore our extensive collection of lifelike male sex dolls. 

Item size - ‎29.21 x 29.21 x 22.86 cm
Item weight: 3.31 Kilograms
Material : TPE

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