Hi Smith V3 AK-01 Kliclok Sex Machine Bondivibes
Hi Smith PRO-SERIES V3 AK-01 Kliclok Sex Machine CHF 558.00 CHF 764.00
Ascend to Unexplored Sensual Peaks with Hi Smith's AK-01 Sex Machine Witness the synthesis of technical mastery and intimate allure with the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine, a creation meticulously sculpted to bestow transcendent sensual gratification. This machine, exquisite in design, supersedes conventional pleasure paradigms by embodying a fusion of multifaceted utility and concentrated power within an elegant framework. Performance and Usability The AK-01 has been conceived and executed with a user-centric philosophy. Its robust yet hushed motor orchestrates a symphonic performance, transmitting a myriad of speeds and rhythmic patterns that conform to the undulating landscapes of human desire and longing. Comparison Insight: masterblaster vs hi smith Adaptive Design Endowed with a multifunctional mounting structure, the AK-01 manifests unprecedented adaptability. Its intrinsic capability to align with diverse positions amplifies its allure. Coupled with an assortment of attachments, the device extends an invitation to a tailored, almost bespoke sensual experience. Multifaceted Pleasure A harbinger of both individual discovery and mutual enchantment, the AK-01 embodies the quest to supersede mere satisfaction. It reaches for an experience that resonates uniquely with every user. Embrace the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine and unlock the gates to a domain of incomparable bliss. FEATURES Origin: Made in China Input Voltage: Ranges between 110-240V Motor Potency: Rated at 100W Connector Interface: Employs the KlicLok system Attachment Dimensions: Insertable length measures at 7” inches, with a diameter of 1.6” inches Device Telescoping Reach: Extends between 3 - 13cm WHAT'S INCLUDED 1 x Kliclok Sex Machine Unit 1 x Steel Frame/Stand 1 x Kliclok Silicone Dildo 2 x Metallic T-brace Elements 1 x Wire-Driven Speed Control Dial 1 x Power Regulation Unit 1 x Carry Bag The Hi Smith AK-01 presents itself not merely as a product but an experience, a journey, and an exploration. It's a passport to pleasure domains hitherto uncharted, awaiting your discovery.  
HiSmith Sex Machine Kliclok Wolf Dildo Attachment Bondivibes
HiSmith Sex Machine Kliclok Wolf Dildo Attachment CHF 36.00 CHF 53.00
Unlock a whole new realm of primal passion and untamed ecstasy with our latest HiSmith Wolf Dildo Sex Machine Attachment. Designed for adventurous souls who crave the extraordinary, this attachment is not just another toy dildo!  Why You'll Love It:Thrilling Realism: Meticulously crafted to offer the most realistic experience, this wolf dildo captures the essence of wild, primal sensuality. The texture, size, and detailing make every encounter an unforgettable journey into the untamed wilderness.Hi Smith Kliclock Connection: The brilliance of the quick-release feature cannot be overstated. In a moment of heightened passion, effortlessly switch between your favourite attachments without fumbling, pausing, or breaking the mood.Unleash Your Wild Side: Awaken your deepest desires and primal instincts. This is not just pleasure; this is an erotic adventure that speaks to your untamed soul.Quality and Safety: Made from body-safe silicone, you can surrender to your pleasures worry-free.This kliclock sex machine accessory is perfect for the daring, the explorative, and the unapologetically passionate, specifically catering to individuals who like their kinkDisclaimer: This product is intended for adults. Please read the instruction manual carefully and observe all safety guidelines. SUITABLE FOR ALL HISMITH KLICLOCK SEX MACHINES
HiSmith Kliclok Double Dildo Sex Machine Attachment Bondivibes
HiSmith Kliclok Double Dildo Sex Machine Attachment CHF 30.00 CHF 53.00
🚀 Dive into a Galaxy of Dual Delights with DP Dildos! 🚀 Hello there - You're not just any average ONLINE SHOPPER! No, you've got an adventurous side, seeking sensations that many only dream of. And guess what? We're here to make those dreams come true. 💥 Elevate Every Sensation with Hismith's DP Dildo: Perfect Match: Specially designed for Hismith Kliclok, it's like peanut butter and jelly; they just belong together. Double the Delight: Two is better than one. Especially when it comes to pleasure. Dive deep into a realm of DOUBLE delight. Safety First, Always: Crafted for ultimate peace of mind with body-safe materials. We care about you! Your nighttime escapades are about to get twice as exciting. Let's just say... things are about to get doubly interesting in the bedroom (or wherever your adventures take you). And while it might be gloomy outside, things are about to heat up indoors! So, ready to skyrocket your pleasure game? 🌌 Experience the DP Magic NOW! 🌌 🔥 DOUBLE UP ON PLEASURE NOW! 🔥 Wave goodbye to the ordinary, and hello to the extraordinary! Life's too short for anything less than double the fun. 🥳 SUITABLE FOR HISMITH SEX MACHINES
HiSmith 12
HiSmith 12" inch Kliclok Twisted Anal Dildo CHF 53.00
  🌟 Discover Ultimate Pleasure with this Hismith Kliclok 12" Dildo! 🌟Step into a world of sensational delights tailored just for you. 🔥 Why You'll Adore the Hismith Kliclok Dildo:Tailored Fit: Designed for the Hismith kliclok fuck machine, it's a match made in pleasure heaven.Sumptuous Design: Every twist, every inch, meticulously designed for your intimate satisfaction.Safety First: Made with body-safe materials because your comfort is our priority.But why read when you can feel? It's time to elevate your nights, to transform your pleasure routine into something more... electrifying. Dive into a realm where every pulsation, every movement feels just right.💖 Here's a sneak peek into your nights with this Hismith Anal Dildo: Immersive Experience: Feel every detail with the thickness that hits all the right spots. Easy-to-Use: It's called "kliclok" for a reason. Swift, simple, and straightforward. A Pleasure Journey: With its unique design, you're set for a rollercoaster of emotions and sensations. So, are you ready to add some razzle-dazzle to your nights? 🌈 Experience the Hismith Difference Today! 🌈 💥 GRAB YOURS NOW 💥 End those "meh" nights. Transform them into "oh wow!" nights. Let Hismith take you there. 😉 SUITABLE FOR HISMITH SEX MACHINES ONLY  
HiSmith Kliclok Hand Of God Machine Attachment Bondivibes
HiSmith Kliclok Hand Of God Machine Attachment CHF 30.00 CHF 53.00
Dive into the Sensational World of DRAGON DILDOS exclusively at BondiVibes with our Hand of God Ready for a pleasure-packed escapade? Dive deep with BondiVibes as you unravel the world of DRAGON DILDOS. Our DILDO FOR THE HISMITH SEX MACHINE transcends the mundane. Revel in its impeccable design, unparalleled shape, and tantalising texture that ensures a cosmic pleasure trip. Exquisite Detail and Unique Shape: Elevate every sensation and get entranced by the impeccable artistry of this DILDO. Witness the vivid ridges and meticulously carved features that stand as a testament to its design. Its unparalleled shape promises to engage every pleasure point, offering an ethereal journey like none other. Surrender to the allure and let this Kliclok dragon dildo machine attachment amplify your fantasies. Product Specifications: Measures: 23cm x 5.5cm (9 inches x 2 inches) Weight: 380g Materials: TPE EXCLUSIVELY FOR HI SMITH SEX MACHINE Keen to explore the zenith of pleasure? Navigate to BondiVibes.com and discover our alluring collection of dragon dildos. Secure yours now and unlock a universe of unmatched ecstasy with our TPE Dragon Dildo for the HI SMITH SEX MACHINE. Dive deep into its unique contours and tantalising textures, ensuring a return trip. Uplift your senses with BondiVibes!
HiSmith Kliclok Dual Density Foreskin Dildo Bondivibes
HiSmith Kliclok Dual Density Foreskin Dildo CHF 36.00 CHF 53.00
Elevate your ecstasy with our 8-inch Realistic Dual Density SILICONE DILDO with Foreskin, designed exclusively as a Sex Machine Attachment! SUITABLE FOR HI SMITH KLICLOK SEX MACHINES  This premium, lifelike DILDO WITH FORESKIN attachment is expertly crafted with dual density silicone, promising a sensational and realistic experience that's hard to resist. Featuring an ultra-durable build with an impressive 8-inch stature, this FORESKIN DILDO ensures a touch that mirrors real skin. Thanks to its dual density silicone, you can expect a firm core with a soft, inviting exterior, culminating in an incredibly genuine feel. Its true-to-life shape adorned with intricate foreskin detail assures exhilarating and electrifying peaks of pleasure, anytime and anywhere. Engage with our dual density SILICONE DILDO attachment, and elevate your intimate moments to unimaginable highs. Material: Dual Density Silicone Size: Length: 8 x 1.5 / 18 cm x 3.5cm Dive into the charm of our FORESKIN DILDO and dual density wonder today – it's time to redefine what pleasure means! Seize the moment! Indulge in unrivalled delight with our Realistic Dual Density Dildo with Foreskin. Your key to unparalleled satisfaction is just a click away!
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The HISmith Sex Machine is a revolutionary sex device that helps couples take their sexual pleasure to the next level. It is one of the most advanced sex machines on the market today, featuring a powerful motor and a wide range of attachments to provide an unforgettable experience.

The HISmith Sex Machine is designed to be used by both men and women, and offers unparalleled versatility and convenience. It is lightweight and can be easily moved wherever you want it, making it ideal for couples who want to explore different positions, locations, and angles.

The HISmith Sex Machine also features easy-to-use controls, allowing users to adjust the speed, intensity, and vibration settings with the touch of a button. With its innovative design, the HISmith Sex Machine can provide users with a wide range of sexual pleasure, from deep penetration, to gentle caresses, to powerful orgasms.

It is the perfect sex toy for couples who want to take their sex life to the next level.

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