Black Magic Fucking Sex Machine

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Black Fucking Sex Machine

This machine can be positioned at any height from floor level up to about 40 inches. The positive locking joints adjust quickly and easily, one turn loose to move and one turn tight to lock, and close to a rock solid connection.

The thrust arm can be pointed anywhere from straight up to straight down, at any height! 

The machine locks down into a compact folded position for convenient transportation and storage. It is extremely quiet, and has excellent performance.

Compatible with the Vac U Lock, Quick Release and 3XLR Adapters - all included 

Measurements: Adjustable height from 0 cm to 80 cm 360 degree horizontally, 360 degree vertical

Material: Steel

Colour: Black

Engine working noise 30-38 dB, maximum noise speed less than 45 dB 。
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