What Is The Most Universal Sex Toy For Solo Play?

Society tells us that there is a “one size fits all” approach to sex. Mainstream media often indicates that women should be able to orgasm through penetration alone, and that they should be able to come at the same time as their partner. Unfortunately, sex isn’t talked about enough and most people get their education regarding sex from mainstream media. It’s so important to look at why solo sex is important, even if you are in a relationship with someone who you have a very healthy sex life with. It’s also important to look at solo sex if you don’t have a partner, or if you simply want to experiment with something in hopes that one day, you can introduce your partner to the concept. If you want to find out more about solo sex and what the best toy is if you want to take your orgasms to new heights, then take a look below.

Solo Sex and Exploring Your True Desires

Solo play gives you the chance to explore the way you feel without any restrictions at all. When you masturbate, the only person that you truly have to think about is yourself. You can easily put to one side all of the expectations that you have to give your partner oral because they have given it to you. You can also forget about your pubic hair being too long or that you just don’t feel as though your penis is big enough or up to the job. Solo play is about you and you alone, and it is your time to explore and play around. Masturbation is vital if you want to connect with your body and it also gives you the chance to explore your erogenous zones. Masturbation sex toys are one of the best ways for you to do this, and you can touch yourself in a way that you might not have explored before. You can let your mind run wild, you can fantasize about things, and you can also focus on achieving that big “O” even if they are hard to come by for you by penetrative sex.

Prioritizing your Pleasure

It’s true that some people have never actually experienced an orgasm before. You may not feel comfortable with your partner going as long as you need to, or it may be that you haven’t found what truly gets you off yet. Either way, sometimes it can feel awkward to ask your partner for things like this during partnered sex, but if you explore solo sex, then you don’t have to worry about a thing. Having sex with a partner is all about pleasure and it is also about having fun together too. That being said, some people feel vulnerable, and this is why solo sex should be as much of a priority as partnered sex. You know how you want to be touched, and that’s why it is so important for you to explore it. It can actually lead to even better sex with your partner too!

Solo Sex Can Lead to Better Partnered Sex

Solo sex leads to better sex with your partner. It is actually a proven fact and there are barely any downsides when it comes to understanding what you like when you have sex. If you know how to get off when you are on your own, then this will make it easier for your partner to know how to get you off as well.

Want to Pursue Solo Sex? This is the Best Solo Sex Toy on the Market

If you want to buy the best universal sex toy for masturbation, or if you want to make sure that the sex shop you go through is going to deliver what you need in discreet packaging, then we have the solution. We have the best universal sex toy for masturbation and when you come through our sex shop, you know that you will be able to access everything you need to make your toy truly your own. We have a huge range of accessories, and we are certain that we will have something that’ll blow your mind.

The Automatic Dildo- The Best Toy For Women

Do you want the power that comes with a man? Then you’ll love this full-sized dido machine. It can be suited to both women and men, and we are very proud to say that this is one of our best-sellers. Penetration has never been more enjoyable, and it has also never been more discreet. It comes with a remote control and in the packaging you will find:

  •       1 x Dildo Machine
  •       1 x 12” Flexible Extension Rod
  •       1 x 10” PVC Dildo
  •       1 x 9” TPE Dildo
  •       1 x 8” PVC Dildo
  •       1 x 8” Silicone Dildo
  •       1 x 7” PVC Dildo
  •       1 x 5” PVC Dildo
  •       1 x Douche Washer
  •       1 x Speed Controller

This dildo is available in 8 fun colors, and it is one of the best and cheapest sex machines on the market.

Hands-Free Automatic Blow Job Masturbator- The Best Toy For Men

Do you want a hands-free way to pleasure yourself? Then you’ve come to the right place. This gives you an amazing experience and it comes with a wipe-down realistic sleeve, and it’ll feel like the real thing. This makes cleaning sex toys easier than ever. You can use a remote control to move the sleeve up and down, and you can also move the shaft for better positioning. In the pack you can expect to find:

  •       1 x Automatic Sex Machine
  •       1 x Remote Control
  •       1 x Speed Controller

So as mentioned above, cleaning sex toys has never been easier thanks to innovative products like this. This is one of the best-selling sex toys for men, and it is a great way for you to take your solo experience to the next level.

Why not check out our store to see if we have something that could suit your requirements? We truly believe that we have something for everyone.