How do you choose a Quality Sex Machine - commonly known as a Fuck/Fucking Machine?

An automatic sex machine (aka as fucking machine) - is an experience like no other!

Simply, it the most interactive, flexible, and adaptable sex toy on the market. A sex machine can be used for both vaginal and anal penetration, and as an automatic masturbation device (or milking machine).

By switching attachments in a few seconds, a sex machine can be used each partner.  It's the most adaptable and fun sex toy on the market.

The Bondi Vibes sex machines are truly unisex, and is designed for same-sex and hetro couples, as well as solo play – “there is an attachment for everyone.”

By simply attaching one of the many dildos or masturbator attachments - this sex toy machine is one you will be reaching for solo and couple’s sex.

Imagine being in control of how fast your partner is being penetrated. and hearing the word “faster”. However, you are in control and must decide whether you continue at the current speed or turn that dial up to a full 482 strokes per minute!! A Bondi Vibes sex machine re-introduces all those fun things about sex – the teasing, the dominance, and seeing how your partner likes to be penetrated both vaginally and anal.

And let’s not forget the other partner can be given control – simply by attaching the mansturbator! Now you decide how fast he will be penetrating that cup (available in vagina, anal and mouth)!

A Bondi Vibes Sex Machine

You may see some cheaper priced machines available all over the net. However, what you won't see is the quality of a Bondi Vibes sex machine. The fun vibrant colours, and the quality and service you will receive by only purchasing your new sex machine here at Bondi Vibes. 

And considering this might be your first purchase of a sex machine – make it memorable, with easy ordering and a full 12-month warranty on manufacture faults.

Bondivibes has quickly become the premier online store for sex machines in Australia, and we now also ship orders worldwide.

We offer the greatest choice for sex machines, sex machine attachments including dildos and masturbators.

Bondi Vibes sex machines are also available in handsfree wireless models and remote control sex machines.

So why not choose a sex machine that looks great and is made right here in Australia!