Most of us have been fiddling with ourselves ever since time began in different parts of the world. If you are one of us too, you should know that you aren’t the only one as the sale of sex toys has been shooting through the roof in the last few months.

With ‘staying at home’ and ‘working from home’ becoming the new normal, it is time to take your masturbation up a notch by spicing things.

  1. Experiment with Yourself

When you look for a Masturbator Machine Online, you know that there are options with different pressures, speeds and temperatures and you can test the ones that are the best for you.

Think about pulsing, tapping, stroking, rubbing, hot, cold, slow, fast, soft or hard and you would be amazed at what different types of orgasms you can have.

While anal play is usually left out during masturbation, it is an area that is known to bring a huge amount of pleasure for both men and women.

Using a mirror can help you know your body better as it is great for your confidence to learn and love the way you took.

  1. Try out New Sex Toys

Since the beginning of time, different countries have been recording different stages of growth in the adult toys industry. In other words, this may be a great time to try out a new sex toy or perhaps, your first sex toy.

 From a collection of dildos to feathers and butt plugs to vibrators and even couples toys, there is plenty to choose from.

  1. Edge Yourself to Orgasm

Edging is when you take yourself to the edge of an orgasm but then stop, again and again. It is simply a process of teasing yourself. While this may not be something for everyone, edging can certainly make the climax more powerful when it eventually happens because you are increasing blood flow and sensitivity in the genital area.

In fact, edging can also be performed with a partner wherein using it as a power play can have a psychological impact and even boost the orgasm.

  1. Masturbating all over your Home

 There may be instances when the bedroom does not create the vibe any longer for you. This is the time to switch it up. Popping up a porn film on the TV and getting freaky on the sofa or on your kitchen counter can ramp things up for you.

 Another suggestion would be the classic washing machine wherein you can even turn it on for an extra vibration.

  1. Masturbating with a Partner

 If you are lucky enough to be living with a partner, mutual masturbation is worth a try. This can be done by sitting opposite each other and watching as both of you reach climax.

If you are in a long-distance relationship, you can get kinky by getting together on the camera. However, be sure to do this with someone you trust to avoid being filmed.

  1. Playing with Sensations

 Grabbing a bottle of a cooled or a heated lube and putting a few drops on your genitals before you start masturbating can help you explore different sensations. Stimulating all such senses will surely give a jumpstart to your arousal.

  1. Given Porn a Go

While some people love porn, some loathe it and the others are not bothered by it either way. If you are from the first category, there is a variety of options to choose, ranging from romantic passionate sex to threesomes.

 Swap your genre and try something new.

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