Are Homemade Sex Toys As Fun As Professionally Made Ones?

If you are living on an already-tight budget, the chances are it does not include sex toys. Budget aside, there might be other reasons you cannot get a professionally made sex toy. It could be strict zoning laws, or maybe you’re shy or uncomfortable buying from a physical or online sex shop. But have you tried making a homemade sex toy? If you like to get crafty while feeling kinky, DIY homemade toys might be for you! But is a homemade sex toy guaranteed to give you more pleasure than a professional sex toy? Keep reading to find out. 

Types of Homemade Sex Toys

It’s time to get savvy with your DIY sex toy, whether it’s to make foreplay more pleasurable or enhance your solo play. There are tons of sex toys for couples that you can make right at home. Let’s check out some of the common options you can leverage. 

Electric Toothbrush

Sure, your electric toothbrush keeps your teeth clean and breath fresh. But they are also fantastic devices for masturbation. You’d be surprised to find out that electric toothbrushes are so commonly used for self-pleasure that some sex toy providers have started selling attachments for electric toothbrushes! Ensure that you use the non-bristled part of your toothbrush for your sexual fun and exploration. However, it’s better to use your electric toothbrush solely for pleasure and keep another one for its actual purpose. 

Removable Shower Head

Removable shower heads are excellent discreet vibrators. Most people enjoy the thrilling sensation of high-pressure water against their genitals. All is not lost if you don’t have a removable shower head. If you have a bathtub, you can relax on your back and tilt your hips against the faucet. Your safety is still number one when using a showerhead. Ensure that the water is lukewarm, as you wouldn’t want to scald yourself or freeze 

Improvised Dildos

Take a look around your home, and you might find a household object that resembles a dildo. Professional sex toys like dildos are usually silicone, glass, or plastic. With a DIY dildo, it’s a lot different. So, what household items are suitable substitutes for dildos? Hairbrush handles are fantastic choices. You can also use food, such as cucumber. It would be best to make sure that the objects you select are smooth and comfortable for you to use. Ideally, it would help if you also covered that object with a condom to keep unwanted bacteria from entering your body. Throw any makeshift food item dildo away after use. 

DIY Fleshlights

Fleshlights are one of the best sex toy options for men. However, if you cannot get one at the moment, you can recreate a DIY fleshlight that you can use. All it takes is a little creativity. You can make one by using a cylindrical can to fit your size. If you cannot get a latex glove, you can replace it with a large-sized condom. Next, you fill the insides of the can with insulating foam and seal all loose edges with rubber ties. You can also make a sock masturbator with a pair of socks, a rubber tie, a latex glove, and a lot of lube. Other fruits like watermelon and grapefruit are also perfect for penetrative solo play. Remember to put on a condom before use.

Are Homemade Sex Toys Safe?

While a homemade sex toy might seem like the next best replacement for a professionally-made one, exactly how safe are they? And are they hygienic enough for you to regularly use them as sex toys? That depends. There’s always a higher risk when making your sex toys at home. But if you follow all the safety measures, it will reduce your risks. Compared to professional toys, the materials you use to make your homemade sex toys might not be made under hygienic and controlled measures. Plus, they might not give the right sexual satisfaction that you might be looking for, partly because they aren’t designed for pleasure. 

You must be extremely cautious when you’re crafting your sex toys. Everyday objects like vegetables and fruits might pose a serious hygiene concern, especially if you are using these items repeatedly. Constant use can damage your private areas and be a major source of genital infections. You also are at risk of sustaining injuries using homemade sex toys. For example, if you want to use a hairbrush made out of wood, it may have splinters that can either break the condom or injure the walls of your genital areas. 

How to Stay Safe with DIY Sex Toys

Professional sex toys are manufactured under strict health and safety guidelines. If you are using an object not originally intended to perform that task, you are placing yourself at many risks. Here are some safety measures to follow.

Use a Condom 

You must ask yourself if you know the correct materials to put in your body. Most sex experts recommend using a condom while using a homemade sex toy, as condoms will ensure that you do not injure or infect yourself. If you’re not too keen about using condoms, you can add some lube for increased pleasure. 

Keep Your Body Infection-Free

The objects you use for self-pleasure must always be cleaned thoroughly or discarded. Avoid using dirty and porous objects, as they usually have tiny holes that make it easier for harmful particles to pass through. 

Make Sure it is Strong

Homemade sex toys like a hairbrush handle made of wood are more likely to break if too much force is applied during sexual play. Foods like cucumbers and bananas are extremely delicate and can get stuck inside your body, becoming a trip to the hospital.

So, are homemade sex toys as fun as professionally made ones? They are the best solution to those moments when you want a quick fix. However, they are riskier to use. It would help if you also used them sporadically, as constant use can eventually cause damage. If you’re looking for sex toys for couples or want to enhance your foreplay but face limitations, why not visit an online sex shop. At Bondi Vibes, we have a well-stocked selection of affordable sex toys that can enhance your sexual experience. Visit our online sex shop at: