Do Universal Sex Toys Exist?

Anal dildos, dildo sets, fisting toys, dildo adapters, masturbator cups, butt masturbators, butt plugs, vibrating dildos, dragon dildos, double dildos – what do they all have in common? Well, for one, they don’t yap about climate change all day long, which is probably reason enough to date one – hell, marry one.

They also don’t stare at you all day. Or live every waking moment directing a tempestuous sea of emotions to crash thunderously upon your head every time the wind blows the wrong way, pulling you down into a bottomless void of darkness and despair – you get the drift.

This makes them great as a solo play sex toy, but when they are interchangeable attachments such as can be applied to one of our renowned BondiVibes Sex Machines, they become a universal sex toy, and that opens up an even larger world of possibilities for those couples out there who find joy in pleasing one another.

A universal sex toy works on anybody. Now, sure, you could probably attach a male sex toy to a female sex toy somehow, maybe with a male masturbator on one end and some kind of dildo on the other. But not every guy will enjoy whacking off while a penis figurine is flopping all over his lap, smacking his thighs, and whatnot. That may be the best sex toy for masturbation for some, but not all. No, the universal sex toys you’ll find at the Bondi Vibes sex shop are much more thoughtful than that - more sophisticated, you could say. 

We make several high-quality machines that provide phenomenal satisfaction – where, what, when, how much, and how fast you want it. You can add a range of solo play sex toys onto them, each fitting securely and operating perfectly for your needs – unlike cheaper models you’ll find from sex shops all over the internet. But the best part is the ability to swap out a male sex toy for a female sex toy (or even add both a male sex toy and female sex toy with our 3-pin sex machines and others in our Premium Collection) pleasures all genders.

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  • Universal sex toys do exist, and you’ll find them made with the highest quality at Bondi Vibes. Our ingenious interchangeable toys and superbly made machines will gratify even the hardest to please. For singles and couples alike, tell your hippie parents to shut up about the 60s because the real sexual revolution is only available at the Bondi Vibes online store.