Upgrade your pleasure with our XLR model sex machine, made here in Australia.

More Power: Equipped with a brand new motor, this machine delivers even more power for intense sensations and mind-blowing experiences.

Exclusive Design: You won't find this design anywhere else! Our machine features a unique and eye-catching design, exclusively available at Bondi Vibes.

Bondi Vibes Deluxe Remote Control Sex Machine: Our flagship model, is the ultimate Sex Machine 

Or packs come with the relevant attachments and 

Speed Controller with Power Cable: Choose the appropriate power cable for your country (USA/EU/UK/AUS), ensuring seamless operation.
Optional Remote Control

Technical Specifications*:
Highest Efficiency Point: 30-55mm for optimal pleasure and stimulation.
Torque (N.M): Ranging from 90 to 250 RPM, allowing you to find your desired intensity.
Maximum Torque Point: 45N** - providing the right amount of resistance for a sensational experience.

Unleash the Power:
Control the speed of the machine using the included speed controller dial or the optional remote control.
With a range from 30 strokes/thrusts per minute to an impressive maximum of 325 strokes/thrusts per minute, you have full control over the intensity of your pleasure.
Enjoy a Smooth and Quiet Experience:

Operating Angle: 90 degrees for comfortable positioning during use.
Reach: 55-60mm (2.25 inches) - perfect for deep and satisfying penetration.
Sound dB: Low noise emission of 40-45, ensuring a discreet and private session.
Indulge in Endless Possibilities:

Attachments: Our base and deluxe machine are compatible with the XLR attachments, giving you the freedom to explore various sensations and fulfil your fantasies.
Experience the best quality and powerful entry level sex machines on the market.

Elevate your pleasure and unlock new levels of satisfaction with the Bondi Vibes Sex Machine - Made in Australia.