MASTER BLASTER Remote Sex Machine Gun



MASTER BLASTER Remote Sex Machine Gun



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Product description

Redefining expectations to be the best sex machine experience 
The MASTER BLASTER should be in a class of its own

What to expect from the best sex machine..

The best sex machines allow users great control in the way they want to experience thrusts, penetration, and positioning

So is it possible to go as wild as you desire and still be in control? Absolutely!

Our MASTER BLASTER is the ultimate fucking machine with unequalled features that enable you to experience sex that is almost human and real.

What to include in the best sex machine pack?

This pack is bursting! We currently have this pack bursting with attachments! $RRP on attachments alone is RRP$635.00
  • 1 x Master Blaster Sex Machine and tripod stand
  • 1 x Remote control
  • 1 x 8" Silicone Dildo
  • 1 x 10" Ribbed Dildo TPE
  • 1 x 7" Fisting Dildo TPE
  • 1 x Double Dildo
  • 1 x 10" BBC
  • 1 x 300mm Metal Extension Rod 
  • 1 x Vac-u-lock dildo adapter
  • 1 x Quick Connect to XLR adapter (use XLR attachments)
  • 2 x bondivibes carry bags

Designed Just for You

The MASTER BLASTER is a personalised ultimate fuck machine. It’s your slave, ready to adjust itself to any demands of speeds, thrusts, angles and positions. Just imagine the MASTER BLASTER thrusting deep into you and pushing you into an exhilarating abyss.
o Quick And Easy To Assemble
o The Most Flexible Sex Machine Available
o Full 360° Degree Horizontal & Vertical Rotation
o Superior 1.28m Reach

Get Kinky or Enjoy the Classic – Dominate with Different Sex Positions

As the best sex machine, bondivibes MASTER BLASTER is designed to deliver near-human sex experiences. Unlike other premium sex machines on the market, the MASTER BLASTER is designed to be ultra-flexible.
This machine offers a full 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation (vs 80-degree rotation with hismith premium sex machines), that makes any sexual position easy to achieve.
The sex machine is discreet. It makes no noise (30 dB) as you enjoy the most exquisite pleasure. Never distracting and never complaining!

Compare Sex Machines - Masterblaster vs HiSmith

Experience Mind-Blowing Sex When and Where you Want To

Enjoy sex your way. Bondivibes MASTER BLASTER is so different to other premium machines. Other sex machines (eg hismith) require you to be located on a bed or on the floor to use the machine - MASTER BLASTER adjusts to suit your surroundings. You can use the machine on the bed, floor, standing, crouching, sitting, or laying! And at a height of 137CM (as opposed to other premium machines measuring 57CM hismith) the MASTER BLASTER is ideally suited to give you the reach you need.
Sit on a chair, lean on your kitchen table, stand in a bathroom, or lean over your car bonnet or outdoor table, the MASTER BLASTER is ready to offer pleasure at any spot. Discover new pleasure spots with ease!

Explode with Unmatchable Speeds and Shocking-Deep Thrusts

The machine offers an extraordinary 300 strokes per minute, at its maximum and stroke length is a 9 - 22 CM (compared to just 3 -15CM offered by other premium machines). Enjoy blinding thrusts with the machine’s penetration ability up to 13CM.
You can also experiment with 8 pre-set stroking and thrusting patterns programmed for pure pleasure.

o Titanium Continuous Turbo Gear 300(Ncm) Motor
o Enjoy Virtually Soundless Operation @30db
o Smooth Precision Guided Strokes
o Adjustable Stroke Length (9 – 22cm)
o And Penetrative Depth (0 –13cm)

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    Experience the unimaginable with the best sex machine. Enjoy your own ultimate carnal experience now!




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