The next generation of sex toys are here. These automatic sex machines can give you complete control over your sensations, giving you access to a total sexual satisfaction on demand.

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What is a Sex Machine?

As the name suggests, this machine converts electrical energy into motion, usually carrying a dildo or a fleshlight in order to fuck you. This blog will take you over frequently asked questions on the length of a sex machine thrust, the speed, and so on. You should consider each of these criteria before buying a sex machine online Australia.

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  1. How Fast Can it Go?

You aren’t buying a  female sex machine to spend all day in bed, building up to an orgasm. Speed is an important factor in buying a sex machine. Speed controllers personalise the experience to your needs. However, please remember all sex machines have limitations - especially around using these toys safely, and manufactures such as bondi vibes are not liable due to misuse. 

  1. How Deep Can it Go?

A critical question which affects the performance is not just the depth of the stroke, but how is the speed affected in the depth. When the machine is fucking you, you naturally apply resistance to the dildo (there is where some good quality lube is essential!), making each stroke travel over time. To infer, a machine set for a longer stroke will cycle much slowly. Similarly, it will cycle faster for a short stroke.

  1. What Positions Can It be Used in?

You need a vibrating sex machine that can be set at different heights and different angles. These settings allow easy penetration across a range of sexual positions. Machine angles vary with most achieving up to 90%-degree angle

  1. How Safe is it?

Power tools such as machines are great at doing what they were built for, but are a recipe for disaster in bed. Make sure your anal sex machine has passed all the relevant safety tests.

  1. How Easy is it to Adjust?

You want to choose a machine which is easy to adjust regarding the stroke length and speed, without the need for tools or having to take long gaps in your play time, making you lose the moment. Sex machines are available with a remote control or even cordless inbuilt controller

  1. What Dildos can be Attached?

You need a fuck machine which accepts a broad range of dildos or accessories. Any machine with a 3-pin female input or vac-u-lock end is great as it provides a huge choice of dildos. Avoid using machines which tie you to using only one attachment as it would limit your choices and turn out very expensive.

  1. How Quickly Can I change Attachments?

There are machines in which you require tools to change the attachments, which is not good if you are deep into the moment. We recommend a machine with a quick release system or 3XLR

  1. How Easy is it to Clean?

A fuck machine is going to get messy. You may need to clean it between uses and hence want a machine made of non-rusting metals such as aluminium and stainless steel, or plastic. We recommend using an alcohol wipe and clean your attachments as per normal.

  1. Where Can it be Used?

Usage depends on many factors. For instance, big and floor-mounted machines will limit its usability. Similarly, the length of the power cord also is a factor to be considered. A rechargeable sex machine gun, however, is open to being used across different locations.

  1. Where Do I Store it?

Getting a sex machine as big as a couch may seem like a good idea but consider about its storage. You need to hide it from snooping eyes unless you are a prodomme with a dungeon. We suggest getting something that is easy to collapse, fold or strip down for storage.

  1. How Noisy is it?

Noise is an important factor to consider, especially for people who live in a apartment or house with thin walls. A machine that sounds like a roadside jack-hammer probably is not going to be good for you, especially in case you’re a sex machine screamer.


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