Small toys are for amateurs. Enter the big league of satisfaction with the Bondivibes Professional-Elite or often referred to as Pro-Elite Collection.

So what can you expect buying a professional-grade sex machine?

Variety of Attachments: Buying a professional-elite grade sex machines gains you access to an enormous variety of interchangeable attachments, each targeting the most erogenous zones. It also allows you to use larger, longer, wider and bigger weighted sex toys. These might include dragon and monster dildos, and fleshlight masturbators. 

Adjustable Speed and Intensity For those who enjoy deep sex, this is where the professional grade machines are a stand-out. Each sex machine offers multiple speed and penetration depth from 0=13cm increasing the intensity and catering to different preferences and needs. 

Quiet Operation: Bondivibes Professional grade sex machines are the most quiet on the market and are designed to operate silently, minimising disruption and allowing for a more erotic experience for both solo or partner play. This is achieved through advanced motor technology and sound insulation.

Flexible Design: Comfort and ensuring the real feeling of sex is paramount. Bondivibes PRO collection includes machines suitable for table-top, bed, couch floor and the masterblaster - that suits every surface.  These machines have superior stability and well-balanced weight distribution. This ensures that users can maintain control and increase speed and intensity whilst the machine remains stable. 

Smart Technology Integration: Some high-end sex machine guns may incorporate smart technology features such as Bluetooth connectivity and companion mobile apps. The technology for these apps still needs improvement. Search online and ypu will see poor reviews for these app sex machines. For this reason we decided not to include app control with our Pro sex machines. 

Durability and Reliability: Pro-Elite sex machines are built to withstand frequent use in demanding use, so they are constructed from high-quality steel engineered for durability. This includes robust motors, reinforced housings, and reliable internal components.

Visit bondivibes professional grade sex machines for the ultimate is sexual pleasure

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