Are Sex Machines Worth It? 

Do you own sex toys but feel they aren’t giving you the satisfaction you want? Then it’s time to consider upping your sex toy inventory and buy a sex machine for a brand-new experience. The sex machine is the universal sex toy capable of providing realistic sexual pleasure and stimulation. Aside from giving you the best orgasms, most sex machines also require zero arm contact, making them an ideal choice if you are tired of using your hands to pleasure yourself. We are happy to share this guide with you to give your more information on using a sex machine and if it is worth purchasing. 

What is a Sex Machine?

A sex machine is an automated device used to give sexual pleasure to both men and women. Most sex machines are designed to enhance solo play; however, you can get a sex toy for couples. These machines rely on motor power, making them possible to last as long as you would like them to. 

Factors to Consider Before Getting a Sex Machine

Before buying a sex machine, you must equip yourself with the correct information to help you make a good decision. Check out some important things to consider before buying:

Ready-Made or DIY?

When shopping around for a sex machine, you’ll face many questions. Would you want to buy one that’s been already assembled, or would you prefer to build your sex machine? We have an excellent selection of ready-made and DIY sex machines at Bondi Vibes. So, we are ready to accommodate your setup preferences. 

Comfort Design & Thrusting Power

Every sex machine has its unique features and capabilities. Before settling on a product, ensure that you are pleased with its motor capability and ergonomics. If you enjoy vibration, you must check out the number of settings. 


Cleaning a sex machine each time after using it is one of the best maintenance tips for preserving its life and protecting your health. Failing to do so can lead to severe consequences, so keep this in mind. Before buying your sex machine, ensure that it is made out of materials that you can clean with soap and water. 

Attachment Options

If you like to switch things up now and then, why not get a sex machine compatible with most attachments? Including multiple attachments will provide you with a ton of experience. You must also include the cost of sex toys in your sex machine budget, so you do not overspend. Here at Bondi Vibes, we have a wide range of attachments to choose from so that you can spice up your machine time. 

Are sex machines worth it? Absolutely! They are, after all, the universal sex toy. Hopefully, this guide will help you make a more informed decision. Whether you are looking for a sex toy for solo play or a sex toy for couples, the sex machine is an intelligent choice. Feel free to check out: for more of our products.