Among the sex machines you already know, imagine using one that does not need to be plugged in and can fit in its storage pouch neatly. When you look for female sex machines online, one such machine you would find is a handheld type of machine. In this blog, we would look at the many seductive features such a machine has to offer.

  1. Focus on Thrusting Instead of Vibrating

Handheld fucking machines offer multiple levels of stroking allowing the dildo to go all the way and all the way out, completing a full thrust. This machine allows you to adjust the stroke length to suit your needs.

  1. Create a Rhythm to Suit your Mood

Offering multiple speeds to thrust slow, medium or fast, a handheld fucking machine allows you to start gently giving a love-making sensation. This machine can then allow you to ramp up things using its buttons until you enjoy a whirl of passion.

  1. Adjustable Penetration Length

Allowing insertion up to 6 inches and, a handheld fuck machine allows you to enjoy a satisfying masturbation session every time.

  1. Want a Vibration?

Among the type of female sex machines online, while a handheld one is known for its thrusting capabilities, it also provides vibrating functions for vibration lovers. Vibrations are offered using the tip of this sex toy and there are settings to adjust the level of vibration.

  1. Body-Safe

Our handheld sex machines are made with top quality materials which are body-safe and free from phthalates. These materials are non-porous and hence they do not harbour bacteria at all. These materials are chosen to provide you with a smooth product.

  1. Choose your Pleasure

Similar to any of our female sex machines online, a handheld machine also offers you to change the sleeves. This adult toy allows you to explore different sensations using the included realistic penis style of sleeve or even allows you to change it into a more pleasurable texture using a wavy sleeve. These sex machines even come in a range of colours.

  1. Sexual Stimulation for Every Gender

There are so many sex toys designed only for gender stereotypes. If you are fed up with the toys being marked for men or women, handheld sex machines are designed to provide equal pleasure to any use. Being a gender-free toy, this fuck machine can be enjoyed by anyone and can be used for both vaginal stimulation and anal stimulation, leaving the choice to you.

  1. Easy to Store

After providing you with intimate pleasure, handheld sex machines are easy to store as well. Being smaller in size when compared to a conventional sex machine, this machine can be stored safely and discreetly after cleaning until the next use. Due to the compact size, this machine can also be easily put into a suitcase while travelling.

  1. Never Run Out of Batteries

Being a rechargeable sex machine, you do not have to worry about your machine running out of batteries at the wrong time. Having features of being charged easily by a cable, a handheld machine gives a continuous playtime of up to 45 minutes.

  1. Use a Lubricant to Maximise Pleasure

 To ensure utmost comfort, we advise you to use a good quality lubricant while using this type of sex machine due to its powerful thrusting simulations. Using a water-based lubricant is your best option as it washes off easily.

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