Wunderland Vibrating Ejaculating Sex Machine



Wunderland Vibrating Ejaculating Sex Machine Bondivibes

Wunderland Vibrating Ejaculating Sex Machine

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Wunderland Vibrating Ejaculating Sex Machine




Introducing the wondurland Remote Control Sex Machine – the perfect investment for super-charged sex sessions!


"wonderland" or as we like to say 'wunderland' is a land or place full of wonderful things."

And this machine is no exception!!

This wunderland is incredibly quiet and solidly constructed, with a low profile that can be adjusted up and down and even be configured to sit on its backside and point up to a 90 degree angle. 

The attachments are connected to the machine forming a connection that enables the attachments to gyrate, vibrate and ejaculate all by pressing the remote control.

With 18 seperate stroke patterns and also the ability to set your own speed - this machine can be really customised to suit your needs.


You can also change the depth of penetration from 5cm – 10cm

Available in hot pink and dusty pink




  • Rated voltage 100 V to 200 V
  • Rated power 72W
  • Speed 0 to 300 times/a minute
  • Remote control distance more than 5 m.
  • Chrome Legs and steel body

The machine is operated with a wireless remote control


  • 1 x wunderlad sex machine
  • 1 x ejaculation penis
  • 1 x gyrating penis
  • 1 x gyrating tongue
  • 1 x extension pole
  • 1 x dildo adapter
  • 2 x vacuum suction cups

When the machine is in the plugged into power, short press, the power button, To turn the machine off press and hold the power button for 2 seconds.

A - Short press the A button and the thrusting pattern is turned on. In total there are 18 pre-set stroke patterns (please see image for patterns). If you press and hold the A button the machine will start slow and gradually increase speed. The machine will continue at the speed when you release the A button. To continue to another stroke pattern, short press the A button.

B – Press the B button to turn on the attachment. Press the B button again to activate the feature of the attachment. Bondivibes will provide 3 electric attachments. Big penis with ejaculation feature, moving, vibrating, gyrating tongue and gyrating penis.

H – Press the H button for full speed.



    This machine has many available attachments that we can SPECIAL ORDER - please contact us if you are interested in any attachments 




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