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XLR Sex Machine (ONLY) from $149.00
DESCRIPTION It's now easy to buy fuck machine at bondivibes Imagine the thrill of trying something new, something that can last however long you would like, be in the mood on demand, adjust to your fave position, and hits the spot every time? Welcome to the world of a bondivibes sex machine! Bondivibes takes that level of intensity up a notch, that notch you have found so difficult to achieve through regular, boring vibrators and suckers. A bondivibes thrusting sex machine is all about you - control how you like to fuck, maybe those slow rhythmic strokes that progressively building to being fucked up to 325 times a minute. Perhaps you want to experience a heightened level of pleasure, intimacy, and connection in your relationship. Sex machines are also an amazing sex toys for couples. Just be open-minded and explore the possibilities together, bondivibes have sex machine attachments for everyone! Now is a great time to buy fuck machine for men and woman WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 X SEX MACHINE OR SEX MACHINE WITH REMOTE CONTROL 1 X POWER ADAPTER / SPEED CONTROLLER 1 X POWER CABLE ATTACHMENTS Shop sex machine attachments to fit your new bondivibes xlr sex machine      
Introducing the Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Pack collection 

The XLR connection system is the most widely used for entry level basic sex machines.This connector system is designed to hold onto attachments with a latch system.

This makes it difficult to quickly remove and attach accessories. The attachment offerings are limited and very rarely include high grade materials

Specifications: +-

  • Wide Range: The collection encompasses a variety of our most popular attachments designed to cater to diverse preferences and explorations.
  • Discreet Operation: Engineered for minimal noise 45-50dB, allowing for intimate and confidential experiences.
  • Easy Maintenance: Each product is easy to clean and maintain, ensuring longevity and sustained optimal performance.

Features: +-

  1. Versatile Design: Each pack in this collection boasts multiple speed and intensity settings, ensuring a customisable experience tailored to your desires.
  2. High-Quality Construction: Created with abs, metal and body-safe materials, every product promises durability, reliability, and comfort.
  3. Optimal Performance: The dynamic range of the machines ensures powerful and rhythmic sensations, meeting the most demanding needs.
  4. User-Friendly: Adjustable positions make operation seamless and enjoyable, allowing you to focus solely on your pleasure.

Dive deep into the realms of pleasure with the Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Pack collection and experience unforgettable moments of bliss, customised just for you.

Note: This collection is intended for mature audiences, and users should read the instruction manual for safe and proper usage.

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