How to choose a Quality Sex Machine - commonly known as a Fuck/Fucking Machine?

You may see some cheaper priced machines available all over the net. However, what you won't are the fantastic colours quality and service you will receive purchasing your new sex machine here at bondi vibes. 

And considering this might be your first purchase of a sex machine – make it memorable, with easy ordering and a full 12-month warranty on manufacture faults.

Bondivibes has quickly become the premier online store for sex machines in Australia, and we also ship orders worldwide.

We offer the greatest choice for sex machine dildos and other attachments and we also offer the only completely wireless sex machine gun!

So why not choose a sex machine that looks great and is made right here in Australia?


What are some of the key differences buying a sex machine from Bondi vibes?

  • The faux leather base (don’t be fooled by the cheaper priced plastic bases)
  • A quality life like realistic dildo vs other plastic feeling dildos.
  • An inbuilt cog system on both ends of the shaft (allowing you to easily change the gun angles or remove from the base) vs sex machines using washers as a cog shaft! Making it near impossible to remove the gun during playtime and increased difficulty changing the angle!
  • Bondivibes sex machines produce very little rocking – ensuring the machine remains stable during use and can be used on multiple surfaces vs a cheaper made machine having a substantial rock. This can be contributed to the washers used on the shaft and the overall lower quality parts and way it is made.
  • Bondivibes fucking machines are made in Australia – so they are all inspected prior to being shipped.
  • We provide upgraded controllers – so you don’t have to use overseas travel adapters


All bondivibes sex machines comes with:
• STRONG POWER WITH ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Simply use the included dial to adjust the thrusting speed / power of the machine.
• SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Consists of an ABS machine in a solid metal frame, and a 7" long silicone dildo.
• ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: This machine can be set in almost every angle (up to 85°), so that you can enjoy enthusiastic play in numerous positions.
• POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS: 4 suction cups allow the machine to be secured onto any smooth surfaces for hands-free pleasure and improved traction.
• SPEED ADJUSTABLE - Control your machine with an easy to use speed control unit
• WORKS QUIETLY - Sex Machines are not the quietest! Check out our fucking machine comparison chart
• UNISEX - Sex machines are designed for both females and males with the use of sexual attachments. The 3-pin sex machines have a multitude of attachments available
• DIFFERENT POSITIONS - Sex Machines have plenty of different adjustable angles, so is ideal for solo play, couples or even for more than 2!
• DISCREET PACKAGING - All our items are shipped in discreet packaging


And if that's not enough - choose your new sex machine from one of our new fantastic colours - made in Australia and only available at bondi vibes!


Olivia Lyell