Unlock Pleasure: The Quick Lock Sex Machine

Immerse yourself in an ecstasy of sensations with our revolutionary Quicklock design Sex Machines. With its innovative design, this machine is the ultimate tool for those who seek diverse and intense sexual pleasures, enabling quick and easy adjustments for a myriad of delightful accessories.

🔒 Quick Lock Flex Thruster Mechanism:

The innovative Quick lock feature allows for swift and secure changes between a plethora of attachments, enabling you to switch sensations almost instantly, keeping the rhythm of your intimate moments briefly interrupted.

The addition of our flex-thruster means you experience more natural, adjustable movement. More real-life sensation, that increases the machines agility to target the g-spot and p-spot. 

Sex machines operate with a forward and back thrusting action. The bondivibes flex-thruster sex machine is the first to include a bendable and flexible thruster design

🔄 Versatile Experiences:

Whether it’s gentle strokes or vigorous thrusts you crave, the QuickLock Sex Machine offers an array of customisable speeds and attachments to meet your every desire. Explore new dimensions of pleasure with its versatility.

🚀 Powerful yet Silent Operation:

Despite its powerful motor, the Quicklock sex machine operates at around 55dB sound level, allowing you to immerse fully in your fantasies without any distracting noises. However sound perceptions can vary due to individual hearing levels

🎛 Easy-to-Use Controls:

Its remote control (optional extra) enables you to easily adjust speed, and turn the machine on/off. In our ELITE collection you can even select the penetration depth and stroke patterns! 

👜 Compact and Portable:

The sleek, compact design of all our sex machines ensures easy storage and easy set-up plug in and play

💦 Easy to Clean and Maintain:

Constructed with body-safe, hygienic materials, this machine is a breeze to clean, ensuring that it’s ready to go whenever you are. Just simply wipe with a damp cloth

Satisfaction Guaranteed:

The bondivibes standard Quicklock Sex Machines are made in Australia and crafted to meet the highest standards of quality and performance, promising unparalleled satisfaction and unforgettable experiences. As with all our machines - you are covered with a 12-month no questions asked full replacement warranty

Ready to unlock a world of pleasure? Purchase your Quick Lock Sex Machine today and explore no boundaries of your sensuality! Embrace a life of intimacy, passion, and extraordinary moments!