Want quick and useful tips before buying a sex machine? We’ve got you covered. Here at Bondi Vibes, we definitely know how sex machines can take sexual gratification into a whole another level and beyond. If you’ve never experienced using one or you’ve had a few goes at it, it’s a wonder to behold to say the least! But before you go ahead and buy a sex machine online or in store, there are few important things that you need to consider. Follow these five useful tips to a tee and we promise that you won’t regret buying your new sex machine!

Tip #1 – Make Sure You Have Enough Space

Depending on the size of the sex machine, you need to make sure that you have enough space to use and store it. You don’t just go buy the best fuck machine Australia has to offer and not have anywhere to put it! Consider the dimensions and measure out your space. Do you want it in your bedroom or in the living room? Is your closet large enough to store your brand-new double penetration dildo sex machine? If you’re shy and you don’t want just anybody to see your sex machine, you should make sure that you can hide it somewhere!

Tip #2 – See How You Can Position It

Look a how many positions your new sex machine can do. There are products that you can use for a wide variety of positions. The more, the merrier, right? Also, you have to be able switch into these different positions quickly and easily. It would be a pain in the ass (literally and figuratively!) if you have to spend precious minutes repositioning your new fuck machine. Can your sex machine pivot just 180 degrees or a full 360? Will it be able to carry your weight in specific positions? Does it have different thrust angles? All these you have to carefully consider.

Tip #3 – Check The Motor Specs

Don’t buy a new sex machine without checking its motor’s specifications. Depending on what you want, you don’t want the power to be too high or too low for your liking. Make sure to check if it actually delivers the power that it says it does. See how far it will thrust or how many strokes per second it can provide you. It’s a given that different machines can have distinctive motor specifications. Choose the one that you are comfortable with. At that end of the day, it’s all about how much you and/or your partner can take, right? Get the one with the power that you are sure to enjoy!

Tip #4 – Look If Compatible With Your Other Toys

Try to see if you already have toys that can double as sex machine attachments. Maybe you have dildo sex toys that can be easily connected to that amazing fuck machine that you want to buy. Try to see if you need special adapters to attach the toys you have. Some dildos already have suction cups that can be easily attached. Others sex toys have standardised end pieces that can connect to sex machines. If both you and your partner want to use it, does it come with a sex machine attachment for men and women? If it doesn’t, then maybe consider using what you already have.

Tip #5 – Get The Best Sex Machine in Australia!

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