bondi vibes Voted The Best Ever Couples Sex Toy
bondi vibes Voted The Best Ever Couples Sex Toy
bondi vibes Voted The Best Ever Couples Sex Toy
bondi vibes Voted The Best Ever Couples Sex Toy

    Sex Toy For Couples Pack

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      Sex Machine Toy For Couples Pack

      Not all sex toys are created equal! And then you have a bondivibes sex machine for couples - his and hers sex machine pack! Control the speed with the speed dial and decide when your partner climax's..

      A male masturbator for him and Dildo for him or her!

      The biggest decision is - who's going first 



      Simply use the included dial to adjust the thrusting speed / power of the machine.


      Consists of an ABS machine in a solid frame, and a 9" long silicone dildo.


      This machine can be set in almost every angle (up to 85°), so that you can enjoy enthusiastic play in numerous positions.


      4 suction cups allow the machine to be secured onto any smooth surfaces for hands-free pleasure and improved traction.


      At 50-60db this machine is similar in sound to a normal conversation or using a low hair dryer.


      The Sonic Sex machine is designed for both females and males with the use of sexual attachments. 


      Sex Machines have plenty of different adjustable angles, so is ideal for solo play, couples play or dare we say it – for many!


      This sex machine uses attachments with a male/female 3-pin configuration.

      Male output connection on the attachment and female input connection on the sex machine

      Thrusts - strokes p/min  (Slowest to Fastest) 90 - 480
      Reach (mm) 55
      Stability (rocking) Low-Med
      Operating Angle 85°
      DISCREET PACKAGING: All our items are shipped in discreetly

      Sex Machine Pack Includes

      • 1 x sex machine (colour as shown)
      • 1 x Speed controller
      • 1 x Dildo
      • 1 X Male Masturbator
      Additional information
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester