Cordless Electric Tool Saw Sex Machine

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You have never felt anything like the intense thrusting power of this sex saw!

This all-inclusive package has everything you need to get pounded by a veiny dildo at up to 2000 RPM. Your trigger-pull controls the speed so you can play with slow, sensual screwing or fast, furious fucking. A safety switch ensures that things wont get too out of control!

The included dildo is thick and textured for immense satisfaction, but it also bends dramatically into your ideal shape! Attach the dildo by twisting it onto the metal adapter rod, making sure that the rod is properly installed in the saw.

This reciprocating saw is a heavy-duty power tool, with a rechargeable battery pack so that it is always ready to pummel that hole!

Machine configuration: A lithium battery, charger and dildo

Machine weight: 1.2 kg (packed 3.5 kg)

Machine voltage: 12V voltage 100-240V (international)

Machine expansion: 1.5CM

Machine speed: 0-3000/min (infinitely variable speed)

Machine warranty: 1 year

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