Penis Enlarger Extender Stretcher Harder Erections Last Longer Girth Thicker

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·         Does your penis feel like its getting smaller?

·         Maybe you have put on some weight effecting the size, rigidity and hardness of your erections?

·         Smoking finally impacting gaining and sustaining erections?

·         Already using erection pills, however still not that hard?

·         Well you have come here looking for a solution – so maybe its time you tried something like a penis extender!


·         Physical Training: The built-in ball will be subjected to the force of the erected penis, the long-lasting erection produces muscle memory, and becomes constantly stronger and harder.

·         Gravity Signature: Put the dumbbell in the crown slot, the ball will slide up and down under gravity, and it will be 360 ​​° rotatable. This works through constant contraction, and movement whilst reaching a firm state

·         Healthy and environmentally friendly material - won't harm your crown jewels!

·         90-day plan: Makes the penis harder and stronger, prolongs erections

·         Simple and easy to use



Ball Strap and 4 weights