EStim Bondage Toys Electric Shock Whip

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Bondi Vibes EStim Bondage Toys Electric Shock Whip

Passionate Electric Whip brings you a high quality faux leather electric whip with delicate craftsmanship,The Electric whip includes Seiko manufactured electrical components and is soft and durable with 5 levels of electric shock
User Guide :
• Turn on the power button (Red light)
• Adjust the electric power by the strength button, you can get your suitable electric strength by 5 electable level.
• Begin your fantasy fun.
• USB - recharge
Electrical Current: 0.1-0.35mA
5 speed frequency conversion / 5 levels of shock treatment
Size :
Length 52cm
Material : Faux leather, ABS plastic, Electronics.

Bondi Vibes EStim Bondage Toys Electric Shock Whip Features:
• Made from superior faux leather for a flexibility
• Soft and smooth design ensuring no damage or darkening to skin.
• Ergonomic handle design for a comfortable hold.
• Designed with a hanging ring for convenient storage when in not use.
• Suitable for beginners and BDSM lovers, slaves, submissive

Package included:
1 x Electronic Whip
1 x USB recharge cable

• Select the appropriate electric shock strength
• Do not use electric shock in the same place for too long to avoid burns
• People who health conditions should not use

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