bondi vibes Cyan Automatic Couples Sex Machine 2 x Black Dildo + Mens Fleshlight

    Cyan Automatic Couples Sex Machine

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      Cyan Automatic Couples Sex Machine

      Pack Includes:

      • 1 x Sex Machine
      • 1 x Sex Machine Stand
      • 1 x 9" inch black DILDO
      • 1 x 7" inch black DILDO
      • 1 X Mens Masturbator Flesh-light
      • 1 x Speed Control Unit (+ country power cable)

      o STRONG POWER WITH ADJUSTABLE SPEED: Simply use the included dial to adjust the thrusting speed / power of the machine.

      o SOLID CONSTRUCTION: Consists of an ABS machine in a solid metal frame

      o ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: This machine can be set in almost every angle (up to 85°), so that you can enjoy enthusiastic play in innumerable positions.

      o POWERFUL SUCTION CUPS: 4 suction cups allow the machine to be secured onto any smooth surfaces for hands-free pleasure and improved traction.

      Purchasing a bondi vibes sex machine - means it really is handmade! We are the only worldwide store selling these unique machines. So you're guaranteed every machine has been made by hand.

      WORKS QUIETLY: At 50-60db this machine is similar in sound to a normal conversation or using a hair dryer on low speed

      Thrusts - strokes p/min (Slowest to Fastest) 90 strokes at the slowest speed up to 340 at the fastest speed
      • Reach (mm) : 55
      • Stability (rocking): Low-Med
      • Operating Angle : 85°

      Additional information
      Color: Blue, Purple, White
      Size: 20, 24
      Material: 100% Polyester