Butt Plugs 101: The Complete Guide
(& Top 5 to Try!)

Learn all about butt plugs via awesome content and videos from the School Of Squirt - the Number 1 Squirting Website in the World!

If you read my guide to the greatest anal dildos, you’ll know that I’ll try anything once, provided it isn’t too intimidating, and it makes me cum mercilessly! Big, small, tingly, or steamy hot – if it’s good for my orgasms, it’s fine by me.

But last night, as my boyfriend and I were engaging in some foreplay, I thought it’s high time I discussed a particular type of sex toy that’s great for both men and women – butt plugs!

When it comes to delivering thrills by the bucket load and super intense finishes, anal plugs outshine almost every other sex toy read more...

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