Vaculock ROXY Remote Sex Machine



Vaculock ROXY Remote Sex Machine



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Product description

Introducing the Roxy Ultimate Vaculock / Quick release Sex Machine

This premium sex machine has all the options you will ever need in a sex machine including controlling your sex machine remotely, voice control, app control and remote control and is perfect for those looking for a little more power and depth of penetration.

The ROXY sex machine has over 80 different speeds and thrusting mode combinations!

ROXY Sex Machine Pack includes

  • 1 x Roxy REMOTE CONTROL sex machine
  • 1 x Voice Microphone
  • 1 x Vaculock Dildo Adapter
  • 1 x Vaculock to XLR dildo adapter
  • 1 x 7" inch Vaculock Dildo
  • 1 x 9" inch Vaculock Dildo
  • 1 x 11" inch Vaculock Dildo
  • 1X APP Download Instructions
  • 1 x Power pack + Country Cable
  • 1 x Carry Bag

The ROXY is jammed packed with features that makes this one of the best sex machine on the market:

  • Speed:  1 - 9  thrusting speeds, up 300 strokes per minute
  • Thrusting Modes: 9 different thrusting massage patterns
  • Control Remotely: have someone else somewhere else control your sex machine - including speed and massage pattern mode!
  • Voice Control - Tell you machine to go faster or go slower
  • App Control: Control your sex machine through your iphone or android phone (using download app)
  • Remote Control: Use the included remote control to  turn your sex machine on/off or increase/decrease the speed and change the massage stroke pattern
  • Carry Bag - For easy storage of your sex machine

  • Penetration Depth: Change the depth of penetration from 3cm – 9cm
  • Quiet: Measuring only 30dB
  • Peak Torque: 260Ncm 
  • Materials: Made from Aluminium Alloy + Steel
  • Weight: 5Kg
  • Size: 32 x 35cm 

Quiet and solid in construction, this machine can handle larger size dildos and attachments with ease.

Change the depth of penetration from 3cm – 9cm to find your perfect fit, then take things up a notch with 300 thrusts per minute!

The wireless remote control or mobile app makes it easy to operate, even control remotely from any distance, while the quick release connection makes it compatible with all quick release attachments and also Vaculock dildos and attachments.

If you're looking for a fun, affordable way to experience real-world sexual pleasure, look no further than the Roxy Quick Release adult sex machine


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