XLR Build Your Own Remote Control Sex Machine from €112,95
Fancy yourself a bit of a mad scientist? With this build-your-own sex machine, you can create the ultimate interactive sex toy. It's perfect for couples who like to get a little creative in the bedroom. This machine is easy to use and perfect for all experience levels and is just one example from thousands of combinaitons you can choose to make your own sex toy. Pack Includes BUILD YOUR OWN MACHINE INCLUDES: 1 x Sex Machine 1 x 9" inch Dildo 1 x Dildo Adapter 1 x Speed Controller (with buyers country power cable)  Add a wireless remote control for even more pleasure! Buy Now and also get 20% OFF a bondi vibes sex machine attachment. {% render 'angle-3d-configurator-customizer' , product_handle: "build-your-own-sex-machine", model_id: 21026807742539 %}  SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDI VIBES XLR SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
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