Quicklock Sex Machine (ONLY) from CHF 81.00 CHF 94.00
Description Immerse yourself in an ecstasy of sensations with our revolutionary Quicklock Flex Thruster Sex Machine. With its innovative design, this machine is the ultimate tool for those who seek diverse and intense sexual pleasures, enabling quick and easy adjustments for a myriad of delightful accessories.   WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x sex machine or remote control sex machine 1 x speed/power pack 1 x power cable ATTACHMENTS This machine is suitable for quicklock attachments
QuickLock Anal Machine Pack from CHF 111.00 CHF 130.00
Description Dive Into a World of Pleasure with the Bondi Vibes Anal Sex Machine Ready for an erotic adventure that will take your pleasure to new heights? Welcome to the world of Bondi Vibes - where your satisfaction is our priority. Our exceptional Anal Sex Machine is designed to deliver waves of pleasure, offering an intimate experience that's all about you. This machine uses the quick-lock connector - previously only found on elite and premium machines! Experience Unmatched Sensations Be prepared for an encounter like no other. This automated marvel doesn't just fulfil your desires – it surpasses them. It's not merely a toy, it's your ticket to a realm of sensations that will have you racing home in anticipation! Unparalleled Versatility Perfect for individuals seeking the thrill of powerful anal stimulation, our Anal Sex Machine stands out in the crowd. Whether you place it on your bed, couch, or even a banana lounge, it offers a stable and versatile performance that adapts to your needs. For an extra dash of excitement, we have our exclusive flex-thruster! What's Inside the Pack Each Anal Sex Machine Pack Includes: 1 x Anal Sex Machine (Remote Control Optional) 1 x 9” inch Dildo 1 x 12.2" inch Dildos 1 x Speed dial power pack with country-specific power cable Attachments SUITABLE FOR USE WITH BONDIVIBES QUICKLOCK ATTACHMENTS
QuickLock Dildo Machine Pack from CHF 181.00 CHF 212.00
DESCRIPTION Welcome to an experience that merges power, design, and sexuality. The Thrusting Dildo Machine from bondivibes promises to take your sex sessions to unprecedented heights.  Intricate Design meets Intense Sexsation! This machine isn't just about thrusting power - it's also equiped with out new exclusive flex-thruster! The Powerhouse of Pleasure The Thrusting Dildo Machine stands tall among entry level machines, boasting an incredibly robust motor. It can deliver up to 325 strokes per minute, each thrust more intense than the last, making it the perfect companion for those seeking a healthy sex life. With a user-friendly controller or remote, controlling this machine is a breeze.  Whether you crave slow and sensual or quick and intense, finding your perfect rhythm is as easy as turning a dial or hitting the button WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x quicklock sex machine (OR WITH OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL) 1 x large suction cup dildo adapter 1 x flex-thruster 1 x 7" inch dildo 1 x 8" inch dildo  1 x double dildo strap on 1 x speed controller with country specific power cable   ATTACHMENTS SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDIVIBES QUICK LOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS     
Quicklock Couples Sex Machine from CHF 135.00 CHF 159.00
Discover a world of pleasure with our QUICK-LOCK FLEX THRUSTER couples sex toys online. Bondi Vibes offers a wide range of innovative and exciting toys designed to enhance intimacy and intensify pleasure for you and your partner. Explore our curated selection and reignite the spark in your relationship.  Just place it on a flat surface, turn on the dial, and watch as your partner experiences the most intense orgasm of their life. After that, simply swap the attachments and have a go of your own WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x REMOTE CONTROL FLEX THRUSTER  Sex Machine (OR WITH OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL) 1 x MASTURBATOR Cup 1 x 8" INCH DILDO 1 X 7" INCH DILDO  1 x speed controller power pack with country power cable  ATTACHMENTS SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDI VIBES QUICK LOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
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PROBANG Quicklock Sex Toy Machine CHF 476.00 CHF 560.00
DESCRIPTION Quicklock Discover Unparalleled Pleasure: The Compact, Dynamic PROBANG Sex Machine Enhancing Erotic Experiences Welcome to a new era of erotic experience with the PROBANG sex machine. Designed to deliver unparalleled pleasure, this compact and robust machine is perfect for both solo enjoyment and sex sessions! Customisable Control Take complete control of your pleasure with a remote offering 18 distinct vibration modes, allowing you to fine-tune your experience and journey through a symphony of sensations. Whether you prefer a gentle whisper or a powerful pulsation, the PROBANG sex machine provides a spectrum of pleasure at your fingertips. Quiet, Compact, and Powerful The compact design and adjustable angle provide incredible flexibility, making it easy to explore multiple positions. Despite the powerful 70W motor, the PROBANG sex machine operates quietly, maintaining a private, intimate atmosphere. Embark on Your Sensual Adventure Today  Make your pleasure a priority. Embark on a sensual adventure with the PROBANG sex machine, built to satisfy all. Are you ready to discover new heights of ecstasy? Dive into the world of ultimate pleasure. Click "Buy Now" to start your adventure with the PROBANG Sex Machine! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x Remote Control Quicklock Sex Machine 2 x 7" inch Quicklock Dildo 1 x 7" inch Suction Cup Dildo Adapter 1 X Bondi Vibes Carry Bag SPECIFICATIONS Powerful Motor: 70W Motor can thrust heavier dildos Extremely Quiet: 30-38 DB is comparable to a silent conversation Compact Design: Makes the PROBANG sex machine easy to move and set-up Adjustable Angle: gives great flexibility in multiple positions Wireless Operation: Use the remote control to select multiple speed Stroke Length: 9 - 12cm (increase penetration length by 3cm) Power: 70w Sound: 30 to 38 db Size: 47*13.5*30cm ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL QUICKLOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
MASTER BLASTER Remote Sex Machine Gun from CHF 602.00 CHF 707.00
DESCRIPTION The MASTER BLASTER should be in a class of its own! The best sex machines allow users great control in the way they want to experience thrusts, penetration, and positioning. Bondivibes MASTER BLASTER is the ultimate fucking machine with unequalled features that enable you to experience sex that is almost life-like!  Your browser does not support our video. What's included in the best sex machine pack?  This pack is bursting with attachments! $RRP on attachments alone is over $600 1 x Master Blaster Sex Machine and tripod stand 1 x Remote control 1 x 8" PVC Dildo 1 x 7" TPE Dildo 1 x 4" Silicone Butt Plug 1 x 10" Silicone Tentacle Dildo 1 x 7" PVC Dildo 1 x 300mm Metal Extension Rod  1 x Vac-u-lock dildo adapter 1 x Quick Connect to XLR adapter (use XLR attachments) 2 x bondivibes carry bags KEY FEATURES Full 360 ° horizontal and vertical rotation (vs 80 ° rotation with the hismith premium sex machines), that  Near-Silent Operation:  At 30dB you won't even notice the machine is on!  as you enjoy the most exquisite pleasure. Never distracting and never complaining! Compare Sex Machines - Masterblaster vs HiSmith Enjoy sex your wayBondivibes MASTER BLASTER is so different to other premium machines. Other sex machines (eg hismith) is typically used on the floor. With the MASTER BLASTER you can be just a bout anywhere! It really does adjust to suit your surroundings. You can use the Master Blaster on the floor, bed, standing, crouching, sitting, or doing handstands!! At a height of 137CM it towers above the hismith premium machines measuring in at 57CM.  Maybe even sit on a chair, lean on your kitchen table, stand in a bathroom, or lean over your car bonnet or outdoor table! The MASTER BLASTER is up to the task! SPECIFICATIONS Explode with Unmatchable Speeds and Deep Thrusts The Master Blaster offers an extraordinary 300 strokes per minute,  and adjustable thrusting distance between 3 -13CM.  The machine is also equiped with 8 pre-set stroking and thrusting patterns programmed for pure pleasure. Titanium Continuous Turbo Gear 300(Ncm) Motor Enjoy Virtually Soundless Operation @30db Smooth Precision Guided Strokes Adjustable Stroke Length (3– 13cm) ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE USES QUICKLOCK ATTACHMENTS. Experience the unimaginable with the best sex machine and shop for additional attachments to suit the Master Blaster
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Vaculock ROXY Remote Sex Machine CHF 451.00 CHF 530.00
DESCRIPTION Introducing the Roxy Ultimate Vaculock / Quick release Sex Machine!  This premium sex machine has all the options you will ever need in a sex machine including controlling your sex machine remotely, voice control, app control and remote control and is perfect for those looking for a little more power and depth of penetration. The ROXY sex machine has over 80 different speeds and thrusting mode combinations! WHATS IN THE BOX 1 x Roxy REMOTE CONTROL sex machine 1 x Voice Microphone 1 x Vaculock Dildo Adapter 1 x Vaculock to XLR dildo adapter 1 x 7" inch Vaculock Dildo 1 x 9" inch Vaculock Dildo 1 x 11" inch Vaculock Dildo 1X APP Download Instructions 1 x Power pack + Country Cable 1 x Carry Bag The ROXY is jammed packed with features that makes this one of the best sex machine on the market: FEATURES Speed:  1 - 9  thrusting speeds, up 300 strokes per minute Thrusting Modes: 9 different thrusting massage patterns Control Remotely: have someone else somewhere else control your sex machine - including speed and massage pattern mode! Voice Control - Tell you machine to go faster or go slower App Control: Control your sex machine through your iphone or android phone (using download app) Remote Control: Use the included remote control to  turn your sex machine on/off or increase/decrease the speed and change the massage stroke pattern Carry Bag - For easy storage of your sex machine SPECIFICATIONS Penetration Depth: Change the depth of penetration from 3cm – 9cm Quiet: Measuring only 30dB Peak Torque: 260Ncm  Materials: Made from Aluminium Alloy + Steel Weight: 5Kg Size: 32 x 35cm  Quiet and solid in construction, this machine can handle larger size dildos and attachments with ease. Change the depth of penetration from 3cm – 9cm to find your perfect fit, then take things up a notch with 300 thrusts per minute! The wireless remote control or mobile app makes it easy to operate, even control remotely from any distance, while the quick release connection makes it compatible with all quick release attachments and also Vaculock dildos and attachments. If you're looking for a fun, affordable way to experience real-world sexual pleasure, look no further than the Roxy Quick Release adult sex machine ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL QUICK RELEASE and XLR SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS          
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Quicklock Compact Remote Sex Machine CHF 401.00 CHF 472.00
DESCRIPTION Cannon Vac-u-lock Automatic Remote Control Sex Machine  Say hello to this little beauty. This is one of bondivibes best-selling remote-controlled sex machines! Equipped with a Vac-u-Lock connection system and a turbo gear motor, this machine is stable and durable, to say the least. Thus, you can go as hard as you want without any hesitation. In addition, it can be set in multiple angles, so you can easily enjoy it in all of your favourite sexual positions. Simply add any attachment you want that includes vac-u-lock/ quick release and XLR to make this cannon sex machine the sex partner of your dreams. No matter if you're straight, gay, or bi, this love-making Remote Control Sex Machine is guaranteed to give you a leg-shaking orgasm. Order yours and see for yourself! BONDI VIBES COMPACT SEX MACHINE   WHATS IN THE BOX? 1 x Quicklock Machine  1 x Remote Control 1 x 8" inch flexible Dildo 1 x 7" inch Dildo 1 x Extension Rod 1 x Suction Cup Toy Adapter 1 x Carry Bag ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL Quicklock SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
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Butterfly Vaculock Remote Sex Machine CHF 652.00 CHF 766.00
DESCRIPTION Introducing the Butterfly, the newest and most innovative QUICKLOCK sex machine on the market! With its sleek and stylish design, the Butterfly is perfect for anyone looking for a high-quality fuck machine. Plus, it comes with a remote control for extra pleasure. This machine has a variable stroke length which allows you set the the depth of the stroke from 0-10cm and is sure to give you the ride of your life. Reach new heights of ecstasy with this whisper quiet Butterfly Remote Control Automatic Sex Machine. With a quicklock, vaculock connector, this sex machine is sure to give you the most intense orgasm you've ever experienced. The remote control lets you be in control of the action, so you can customise your stroking pleasure. The vac-u-lock dildo adapter ensures a comfortable and secure fit for your doc johnson dildo attachments. This set also includes a vaculock to 3XLR adapter -opening your world to hundreds of sex machine attachments Get ready to fly high with this sex machine. SPECIFICATIONS Motor Power 120w Size: 39 x 18cm Sound Level 30DB Insertion Stroke length: 3-10cm RF Remote Control WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x QUICKLOCK sex machine 2 x QUICKLOCK DILDOS 1 X SUCTION CUP DILDO ADAPTER 1 x EXTENSION ROD 1 x 1CARRY BAG ATTACHMENTS  THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL VACULOCK / QUICKLOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS  
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Remote Anal Thrust Sex Machine Quick Release CHF 301.00 CHF 354.00
DESCRIPTION Take your anal play to the next level with our premium anal thrust machine. Designed for those seeking intense pleasure and exhilarating sensations, this powerful device delivers deep, rhythmic thrusting action that will leave you breathless. Experience the ultimate in pleasure as this anal thrust machine mimics the sensations of intimate encounters with its realistic thrusting motion. With adjustable settings, you can customise the speed and depth of the thrusts to suit your desires, ensuring maximum satisfaction with every use. Our anal thrust machine is not only durable but also easy to clean. Its ergonomic design ensures comfortable use, while its discreet appearance allows for worry-free storage     Stands at 65cm tall and weighting in under a kg. Of course this sex machine does not need to be connected to the floor for use and can be held (carefully!)  WHATS IN THE BOX 1 x Remote control Quick Release anal blaster sex machine 3 x dildos 1 x power pack ATTACHMENTS SUITABLE TO BE USED WITH QUICKLOCK ATTACHMENTS
-15% sale
Vaculock Silver Dual Thrusting Couples Sex Machine CHF 602.00 CHF 707.00
DESCRIPTION This Silver Dual Thrusting Couples Sex Machine is perfect for anyone looking to spice up their sex life! With two pistons that thrust in and out, it provides an amazing experience that is sure to get both partners excited. Whether you're looking for a couples toy, something to spice up your swingers lifestyle, or just want some kinky bdsm fun, this machine is sure to please! Here’s the stats Slowest strokes per minute - 12 Quickest strokes per minute - 260 You can also change the depth of penetration from 3cm – 13cm ( about the most on the market) WHATS IN THE BOX 1 x dual penetration sex machine 1 x speed controller 1 x vac-u-lock dildo adapter 1 x 3XLR dildo adapter 2 x dildos 2 x quick lock thrusters (this enables you to use the machine for 2 people) The machine is operated with a wired speed dial  ATTACHMENTS  THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL VACULOCK / QUICK RELEASE SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
QUICKLOCK Build Your Own Machine CHF 94.00
Description Fancy yourself a bit of a mad scientist? With this build-your-own sex machine, you can as creative as you like! Design your own sex machine or perhaps with a partner or for a partner!. It's perfect for couples who like to get a little creative in the bedroom. BUILD YOUR OWN MACHINE INCLUDES: 1 x Sex Machine 1 x 9" inch Dildo 1 x Speed Controller (+ power cable) 
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