Butt Plugs 101: The Complete Guide
(& Top 5 to Try!)

Butt Plugs 101: The Complete Guide <br>(& Top 5 to Try!) - Bondi Vibes

Learn all about butt plugs via awesome content and videos from the School Of Squirt - the Number 1 Squirting Website in the World!

If you read my guide to the greatest anal dildos, youโ€™ll know that Iโ€™ll try anything once, provided it isnโ€™t too intimidating, and it makes me cum mercilessly! Big, small, tingly, or steamy hot โ€“ if itโ€™s good for my orgasms, itโ€™s fine by me.

But last night, as my boyfriend and I were engaging in some foreplay, I thought itโ€™s high time I discussed a particular type of sex toy thatโ€™s great for both men and women โ€“ butt plugs!

When it comes to delivering thrills by the bucket load and super intense finishes, anal plugs outshine almost every other sex toy read more...

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