Hi Smith PRO-SERIES V3 AK-01 Kliclok Sex Machine

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  • 1 x Kliclok Sex Machine Unit
  • 1 x Steel Frame/Stand
  • 1 x Kliclok Silicone Dildo
  • 2 x Metallic T-brace Elements
  • 1 x Wire-Driven Speed Control Dial
  • 1 x Power Regulation Unit
  • 1 x Carry Bag


Ascend to Unexplored Sensual Peaks with Hi Smith's AK-01 Sex Machine

Witness the synthesis of technical mastery and intimate allure with the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine, a creation meticulously sculpted to bestow transcendent sensual gratification. This machine, exquisite in design, supersedes conventional pleasure paradigms by embodying a fusion of multifaceted utility and concentrated power within an elegant framework.

Performance and Usability

The AK-01 has been conceived and executed with a user-centric philosophy. Its robust yet hushed motor orchestrates a symphonic performance, transmitting a myriad of speeds and rhythmic patterns that conform to the undulating landscapes of human desire and longing.

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Adaptive Design

Endowed with a multifunctional mounting structure, the AK-01 manifests unprecedented adaptability. Its intrinsic capability to align with diverse positions amplifies its allure. Coupled with an assortment of attachments, the device extends an invitation to a tailored, almost bespoke sensual experience.

Multifaceted Pleasure

A harbinger of both individual discovery and mutual enchantment, the AK-01 embodies the quest to supersede mere satisfaction. It reaches for an experience that resonates uniquely with every user. Embrace the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine and unlock the gates to a domain of incomparable bliss.


  • Origin: Made in China
  • Input Voltage: Ranges between 110-240V
  • Motor Potency: Rated at 100W
  • Connector Interface: Employs the KlicLok system
  • Attachment Dimensions: Insertable length measures at 7” inches, with a diameter of 1.6” inches
  • Device Telescoping Reach: Extends between 3 - 13cm

The Hi Smith AK-01 presents itself not merely as a product but an experience, a journey, and an exploration. It's a passport to pleasure domains hitherto uncharted, awaiting your discovery.

Customer reviews
Customer reviews
Fast shipping, great quality. No complaints.
— Jason
Customer reviews
Omg! The Orgasms!!!!!! Thank you so much! 10/10 would highly recommend!!!!! Holy cow!!!
— Jessica


Are all sex machines the same?

Bondivibes MKII sex machine produced in Australia, is the
leading entry-level machine. In key head-to-head comparisons vs HiSmith the MKII displayed superior stability and thrusting power

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