BIGDADDY Quick Release Remote Sex Machine Gun


BIGDADDY Quick Release Remote Sex Machine Gun


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Product description

Redefine your sex experience and enjoy an explosive release every time with the best sex machine in the market - The BIGDADDY Premium Sex Machine!

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When Exquisite Pleasure Down Under Matters the Most

Users often find sex machines not living to their expectations or offering the satisfaction they crave. These poorly-designed machines fail because they do not offer users maximum control to unleash their desires.

The best sex machines allow users great control in the way they want to experience thrusts, pressure and the extent they want to go, to erupt into a fiery climax.

Is it possible to go as wild as you desire and still be in control? Absolutely!

With BIGDADDY, you can go as carnal as your heart desires while exerting ultimate control over your movements to get the exact release with precision. This ultimate fucking machine has powerful features that enable you to experience lovemaking that is almost human and real.

Explore the features and benefits of this max-thrill sex machine:

Designed Just for You

The BIGDADDY is personalized for your ultimate pleasure. The machine is your slave, ready to adjust itself to your demands of speeds, thrusts and position. Just experience BIGDADDY thrusting deep into you and pushing you into an exhilarating abyss.

Whether you are looking for mind-blowing solo pleasure or an adventurous couple play, BIGDADDY is built to satisfy your every fantasy. As a gender-neutral device, BIGDADDY works only to your satisfaction. Fulfil your exotic desires and watch your sex dreams come alive with BIGDADDY.

Get Kinky or Enjoy the Classic – Dominate with Different Sex Positions

As a sex machine designed to deliver near-human sex experiences, BIGDADDY leaves you replete with pleasure, and still asking for more. Unlike other premium sex machines in the market, BIGDADDY is designed to be ultra-flexible.

The machine offers a 360-degree horizontal and vertical rotation (as compared to only an 80-degree rotation by other sex machines), which makes any sexual position easy to achieve. With BIGDADDY, intense climax is at your reach!

The machine is discreet. It makes no noise as you enjoy the most exquisite pleasure. Never distracting and never complaining!

Experience Mind-Deafening Sex When and Where you Want To

BIGDADDY is eager and ready to satisfy you when and where you want it. Be aroused and ready to be satisfied with BIGDADDY’s unmatched height and reach.

Unlike sex machines that require you to be on the bed or on the floor to use the device, the BIGDADDY adjusts to suit your surroundings. You can use the machine on the bed and floor, and numerous other unimaginable places.

Enjoy sex your way. At a height of 137CM (as opposed to only 57CM offered by other sex machines in the market), the BIGDADDY is ideally suited to give you the reach you need.

Sit on a chair, lean on your kitchen table, stand in a bathroom, or lean over your car bonnet or outdoor table, the BIGDADDY is ready to offer pleasure at any spot. Discover new pleasure spots with ease!

With its sleek design, BIGDADDY presents an impressive visual, which in itself is arousing. The machine is simple and easy to assemble. Get aroused and be ready to be satisfied beyond your imagination.

Explode with Unmatchable Speeds and Shocking-Deep Thrusts

Build up slowly towards an awesome climax with BIGDADDY’s amazing strokes and deep thrusts.

The machine offers an extraordinary 300 strokes per minute, at its maximum. The stroke length is a shocking 9 - 22 CM (compared to just 3 -15CM offered by other premium machines). Enjoy blinding thrusts with the machine’s penetration capability of up to 13CM.

You can experiment with a set of 8 stroking and thrusting patterns programmed for pure pleasure.

Heightening the intensity of the pleasure is the rock-hard (pun intended) stability of the machine. BIGDADDY does not wobble, stagger or collapse, at high speeds, even as you are on your way to a mind-numbing release.

Be Pleasured by your Favourite Toys

BIGDADDY makes your sex time more pleasurable by teaming up with your favourite toys. The Quick Release System of BIGDADDY supports any quick-release dildo.

The product pack comes with a XLR adapter that supports XLR attachments and male masturbators. Any accessory you use with the dildo adapter can be used with BIGDADDY. You can use the BIGDADDY with any VACULOCK sex machine attachments.

Every pack of the BIGDADDY contains:

  • 1 Quick Release BIGDADDY Sex Machine
  • 1 remote control
  • 1 Vac-u-lock dildo adapter
  • 1 Quick Release dildo adapter of stainless steel make
  • 1 Quick Release XLR adapter
  • 1 Quick Release extension rod
  • 2 Quick Release dildos

100% discreet shipping.

Experience the unimaginable with BIGDADDY sex machine. Enjoy your own ultimate carnal experience now!



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