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XLR Couples Sex Machines $288.99 $339.00
DESCRIPTION Looking for the best Couples Sex Machines? Bondivibes sex machines are designed to ignite the passion, enhance intimacy, and take those sex sessions to new heights.  Explore our range of couple-friendly vibrators, remote-controlled toys, bondage sets, and more. From discreet options to luxurious indulgences, our collection of a Sex Toys Couples caters to all preferences and desires. Ignite the spark and create unforgettable moments of pleasure with the best sex toys for couples. Shop now for the Best Couples Sex Toy and unlock a world of sensual exploration and intimate connection. speed dial or remote control and decide your partners climax! A male masturbator for him and dildos for him or her! The biggest decision is - who's going first?   WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x REMOTE CONTROL Sex Machine 1 x Anal Masturbator 1 x 8" fisting attachment 2 x 9" dildos 1 x speed controller power pack with country power cable ATTACHMENTS SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDI VIBES XLR SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS HOT PINK REMOTE CONTROL SEX MACHINE
Massage Gun Sex Toy Dildo Attachment from $19.99
Introducing the Perfect Fusion of Pleasure and Relaxation: The Massage Gun Sex Toy + Massage Gun Dildo Attachment. Experience the ultimate combination of deep tissue massage and intimate pleasure with this innovative and versatile device. Our massage gun sex toy is designed to satisfy your body's need for both relaxation and sexual stimulation. The massage gun itself boasts powerful vibrations and adjustable speed settings, delivering intense and soothing massages to your muscles. Relieve tension, release stress, and indulge in the rejuvenating benefits of targeted percussive therapy. But that's not all – the included dildo attachment takes your pleasure to new heights. Crafted with care, the dildo features a smooth and realistic design, perfectly contoured to stimulate your erogenous zones. It seamlessly attaches to the massage gun, allowing you to effortlessly switch between massage and intimate play. With multiple speeds, you can customise your experience to suit your desires.  Made from body-safe and hypoallergenic materials, this versatile device ensures both comfort and pleasure. It's rechargeable, ensuring long-lasting enjoyment, and its discreet design allows for convenient and private storage. Unleash your desires and indulge in the ultimate pleasure experience with the Massage Gun Sex Toy and Massage Gun Dildo Attachment. Elevate your intimate moments and give yourself the gift of blissful relaxation. Order now and let this innovative fusion of pleasure and massage take you to new heights of satisfaction. Key specifications 0-100 Adjustable vibration speeds  12mm Deep Massage Amplitude Percussive Massage Gun LCD speed controller 2000 mah ensures a working time of 2.5 hours (low speed). Charging Time: 3-4 hours LCD Touch Gear Adjustment Massage Gun Sex Toy Packs include: 11 PCE SET 1 x Hand Held Massage Gun 1 x Massage Gun Dildo Attachment 4 x Massage Heads 5 x Massage Gun Dildo 7 PCE SET 1 x Hand Held Massage Gun 1 x Massage Gun Dildo Attachment 4 x Massage Heads 1 x Massage Gun Dildo 5 PCE SET 1 x Hand Held Massage Gun 4 x Massage Heads SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDI VIBES XLR SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
Quicklock Couples Sex Machine from $228.99 $269.00
Discover a world of pleasure with our QUICK-LOCK FLEX THRUSTER couples sex toys online. Bondi Vibes offers a wide range of innovative and exciting toys designed to enhance intimacy and intensify pleasure for you and your partner. Explore our curated selection and reignite the spark in your relationship.  Just place it on a flat surface, turn on the dial, and watch as your partner experiences the most intense orgasm of their life. After that, simply swap the attachments and have a go of your own WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x REMOTE CONTROL FLEX THRUSTER  Sex Machine (OR WITH OPTIONAL REMOTE CONTROL) 1 x MASTURBATOR Cup 1 x 8" INCH DILDO 1 X 7" INCH DILDO  1 x speed controller power pack with country power cable  ATTACHMENTS SUITABLE FOR ALL BONDI VIBES QUICK LOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
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PROBANG Quicklock Sex Toy Machine $806.99 $949.00
DESCRIPTION Quicklock Discover Unparalleled Pleasure: The Compact, Dynamic PROBANG Sex Machine Enhancing Erotic Experiences Welcome to a new era of erotic experience with the PROBANG sex machine. Designed to deliver unparalleled pleasure, this compact and robust machine is perfect for both solo enjoyment and sex sessions! Customisable Control Take complete control of your pleasure with a remote offering 18 distinct vibration modes, allowing you to fine-tune your experience and journey through a symphony of sensations. Whether you prefer a gentle whisper or a powerful pulsation, the PROBANG sex machine provides a spectrum of pleasure at your fingertips. Quiet, Compact, and Powerful The compact design and adjustable angle provide incredible flexibility, making it easy to explore multiple positions. Despite the powerful 70W motor, the PROBANG sex machine operates quietly, maintaining a private, intimate atmosphere. Embark on Your Sensual Adventure Today  Make your pleasure a priority. Embark on a sensual adventure with the PROBANG sex machine, built to satisfy all. Are you ready to discover new heights of ecstasy? Dive into the world of ultimate pleasure. Click "Buy Now" to start your adventure with the PROBANG Sex Machine! WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x Remote Control Quicklock Sex Machine 2 x 7" inch Quicklock Dildo 1 x 7" inch Suction Cup Dildo Adapter 1 X Bondi Vibes Carry Bag SPECIFICATIONS Powerful Motor: 70W Motor can thrust heavier dildos Extremely Quiet: 30-38 DB is comparable to a silent conversation Compact Design: Makes the PROBANG sex machine easy to move and set-up Adjustable Angle: gives great flexibility in multiple positions Wireless Operation: Use the remote control to select multiple speed Stroke Length: 9 - 12cm (increase penetration length by 3cm) Power: 70w Sound: 30 to 38 db Size: 47*13.5*30cm ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE IS SUITABLE FOR ALL QUICKLOCK SEX MACHINE ATTACHMENTS
MASTER BLASTER Remote Sex Machine Gun from $1,019.99 $1,199.00
DESCRIPTION The MASTER BLASTER should be in a class of its own! The best sex machines allow users great control in the way they want to experience thrusts, penetration, and positioning. Bondivibes MASTER BLASTER is the ultimate fucking machine with unequalled features that enable you to experience sex that is almost life-like!  Your browser does not support our video. What's included in the best sex machine pack?  This pack is bursting with attachments! $RRP on attachments alone is over $600 1 x Master Blaster Sex Machine and tripod stand 1 x Remote control 1 x 8" PVC Dildo 1 x 7" TPE Dildo 1 x 4" Silicone Butt Plug 1 x 10" Silicone Tentacle Dildo 1 x 7" PVC Dildo 1 x 300mm Metal Extension Rod  1 x Vac-u-lock dildo adapter 1 x Quick Connect to XLR adapter (use XLR attachments) 2 x bondivibes carry bags KEY FEATURES Full 360 ° horizontal and vertical rotation (vs 80 ° rotation with the hismith premium sex machines), that  Near-Silent Operation:  At 30dB you won't even notice the machine is on!  as you enjoy the most exquisite pleasure. Never distracting and never complaining! Compare Sex Machines - Masterblaster vs HiSmith Enjoy sex your wayBondivibes MASTER BLASTER is so different to other premium machines. Other sex machines (eg hismith) is typically used on the floor. With the MASTER BLASTER you can be just a bout anywhere! It really does adjust to suit your surroundings. You can use the Master Blaster on the floor, bed, standing, crouching, sitting, or doing handstands!! At a height of 137CM it towers above the hismith premium machines measuring in at 57CM.  Maybe even sit on a chair, lean on your kitchen table, stand in a bathroom, or lean over your car bonnet or outdoor table! The MASTER BLASTER is up to the task! SPECIFICATIONS Explode with Unmatchable Speeds and Deep Thrusts The Master Blaster offers an extraordinary 300 strokes per minute,  and adjustable thrusting distance between 3 -13CM.  The machine is also equiped with 8 pre-set stroking and thrusting patterns programmed for pure pleasure. Titanium Continuous Turbo Gear 300(Ncm) Motor Enjoy Virtually Soundless Operation @30db Smooth Precision Guided Strokes Adjustable Stroke Length (3– 13cm) ATTACHMENTS THIS MACHINE USES QUICKLOCK ATTACHMENTS. Experience the unimaginable with the best sex machine and shop for additional attachments to suit the Master Blaster
Quicklock Sex Machine (ONLY) from $135.99 $159.00
Description Immerse yourself in an ecstasy of sensations with our revolutionary Quicklock Flex Thruster Sex Machine. With its innovative design, this machine is the ultimate tool for those who seek diverse and intense sexual pleasures, enabling quick and easy adjustments for a myriad of delightful accessories.   WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 x sex machine or remote control sex machine 1 x speed/power pack 1 x power cable ATTACHMENTS This machine is suitable for quicklock attachments
XLR Sex Machine (ONLY) from $126.99 $149.00
DESCRIPTION It's now easy to buy fuck machine at bondivibes Imagine the thrill of trying something new, something that can last however long you would like, be in the mood on demand, adjust to your fave position, and hits the spot every time? Welcome to the world of a bondivibes sex machine! Bondivibes takes that level of intensity up a notch, that notch you have found so difficult to achieve through regular, boring vibrators and suckers. A bondivibes thrusting sex machine is all about you - control how you like to fuck, maybe those slow rhythmic strokes that progressively building to being fucked up to 325 times a minute. Perhaps you want to experience a heightened level of pleasure, intimacy, and connection in your relationship. Sex machines are also an amazing sex toys for couples. Just be open-minded and explore the possibilities together, bondivibes have sex machine attachments for everyone! Now is a great time to buy fuck machine for men and woman WHAT'S IN THE BOX? 1 X SEX MACHINE OR SEX MACHINE WITH REMOTE CONTROL 1 X POWER ADAPTER / SPEED CONTROLLER 1 X POWER CABLE ATTACHMENTS Shop sex machine attachments to fit your new bondivibes xlr sex machine  
XLR Sex Machine Anal Pack from $186.99 $219.00
DESCRIPTION Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Long Anal Pack Discover a realm of unmatched pleasure with the Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Long Anal Pack, designed for those who dare to explore the depths of their desires. This package is meticulously crafted for optimal performance, providing powerful, rhythmic thrusts that satisfy the most insatiable appetites. SPECIFICATIONS Dynamic Range: Offering versatile speed settings, 30-325 strokes a minute - you control the intensity for tailor-made pleasure. High-quality Construction: Built with premium, abs, metal and body-safe materials, it ensures lasting durability and comfort during use. Discreet Operation: Engineered for minimal noise, this machine guarantees a confidential and intimate experience, with 45-50 dB. User-friendly Design: Equipped with adjustable positions, it caters to individual preferences and needs, promising ultimate satisfaction. Easy Maintenance: Designed for hassle-free cleaning, maintaining pristine condition is a breeze. FEATURES: Expands your horizons of pleasure and fantasy. Personalise the experience for maximum satisfaction. Reliable and durable for long-lasting enjoyment. Wonderful 12" long twisted dildo included in pack  The Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Long Anal Pack is an exceptional choice for adventurous souls seeking extraordinary stimulation. Whether you're a beginner or experienced enthusiast, this product promise WHAT'S ON IN THE  BOX? Bondivibes XLR Sex Machine Long Anal Pack Pack Includes 1 x Sex machine or Remote Control sex machine (optional) 1 X 9” inch Dildo 1 x 12.2" inch Dildos 1 x Speed dial power pack with country specific power cable     - The Bondi Vibes Sex Machine is made in Australia and available in fun and vibrant colours and is the best priced and performing sex machine on the market. - Buy sex machine attachments to fit this machine.  - Bondi vibes also offers worldwide same-day shipping 6-days-a-week. - Buy your automatic sex machine from bondivibes the #1 sex machine shop
Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine from $594.99 $699.00
DESCRIPTION Robo Fuk Deluxe Adjustable Sex Machine  Couples Sex Machine This versatile love fucking machine comes equipped with an adjustable hand remote, so you get to choose your ideal thrusting level at the turn of a dial. The angle and height of penetration can quickly be adjusted with easy twist knobs located on the frame. Includes an extension rod and XLR adapter allowing you to use an even greater number of toys form our XLR attachment range Thrusts per minute: Slowest - 36 Quickest - 348 WHAT'S IN THE BOX 1 x robo fuk machine (or robo fuck mini) 1 x mens masturbator 1x Dildos 6" 1x Dildos 8" 1x Dildos 10" 1 x XLR extension rod 1 x XLR adapter (allows you to use XLR sex machine attachments) 1 x Attachment Spring  robo fuk mini only) 2 x Vibrating eggs (robo fuk mini only) 1 Speed Controller 1 Power Adapter (country specific)  Ideal sex toy for couples ATTACHMENTS CAN BE USED WITH ROBOFUCK AND XLR ATTACHMENTS  This sex machine fits all bondivibes XLR sex machine attachments Your browser does not support our video.
Hi Smith V3 AK-01 Kliclok Sex Machine $1,119.99
Ascend to Unexplored Sensual Peaks with Hi Smith's AK-01 Sex Machine Witness the synthesis of technical mastery and intimate allure with the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine, a creation meticulously sculpted to bestow transcendent sensual gratification. This machine, exquisite in design, supersedes conventional pleasure paradigms by embodying a fusion of multifaceted utility and concentrated power within an elegant framework. Performance and Usability The AK-01 has been conceived and executed with a user-centric philosophy. Its robust yet hushed motor orchestrates a symphonic performance, transmitting a myriad of speeds and rhythmic patterns that conform to the undulating landscapes of human desire and longing. Comparison Insight: masterblaster vs hi smith Adaptive Design Endowed with a multifunctional mounting structure, the AK-01 manifests unprecedented adaptability. Its intrinsic capability to align with diverse positions amplifies its allure. Coupled with an assortment of attachments, the device extends an invitation to a tailored, almost bespoke sensual experience. Multifaceted Pleasure A harbinger of both individual discovery and mutual enchantment, the AK-01 embodies the quest to supersede mere satisfaction. It reaches for an experience that resonates uniquely with every user. Embrace the Hi Smith AK-01 Sex Machine and unlock the gates to a domain of incomparable bliss. Technical Specifications: Origin: Made in China Input Voltage: Ranges between 110-240V Motor Potency: Rated at 100W Connector Interface: Employs the KlicLok system Attachment Dimensions: Insertable length measures at 7” inches, with a diameter of 1.6” inches Device Telescoping Reach: Extends between 3 - 13cm Package Inclusions: 1 x Kliclok Sex Machine Unit 1 x Steel Frame/Stand 1 x Kliclok Silicone Dildo 2 x Metallic T-brace Elements 1 x Wire-Driven Speed Control Dial 1 x Remote Control 1 x Extension Rod 1 x Power Regulation Unit 1 x Carry Bag The Hi Smith AK-01 presents itself not merely as a product but an experience, a journey, and an exploration. It's a passport to pleasure domains hitherto uncharted, awaiting your discovery.  
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