The Ultimate Guide to Long Distance Relationships

16 May , 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Long Distance Relationships

Article by Megan @Couples Candy 

Most people say that long distance relationships don’t work. But what do they know?

Every relationship is different, and if you are in love, there is no reason why your long distance relationship won’t last. Of course, there are some snags to any long distance romance, but these can be easily dealt with as long as you are both committed to each other and determined to make it work.

As long as you are both committed to making it work you can be amongst those who going on to stay together in the long-term.

What Drives a Long Distance Relationship?

long distance relationship

Work opportunities: sometimes unexpected work commitments can come up, or a promotion at a different branch can be offered. These golden opportunities need to be considered, and after all, it will not be forever. If you are truly committed to each other your relationship will stand the test of time.

Whatever the reason for the long distance relationship, there is a lot of it about these days: approximately 14 to 15 million Americans give their relationship status as being in a long-distance romance, for a wide variety of reasons that range from work and school needs to parental and other familial duties. Fascinatingly, this figure has remained static for the last fifteen years, a remarkably stable figure given how the global landscape has changed so dramatically over that time.

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